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Secondly, elimination of the poison by the natural emunctories should be facilitated; by the skin, through the aid of sudorifics; by the kidneys, by means of revulsives over the lumbar region and large quantities of diluent drinks. If any want to immortalize themselves, let them go into "injection" the business of proving remedies that will show us any thing like a true eczema. Hawtrey Benson's case of an Irishman who had never left his native land, and who contracted leprosy after having worn the clothes of his leper brother who had come home from India to die. The aorta was atheromatous; the heart-walls were soft and friable. The examinations are fully illustrated by surgical and Anatomical Preparations, a Cabinet of Materia Medica, etc.

Kinney, however, of the Dispensary could perhaps answer the question. The process of digestion will vis thus go on in the child's stomach, but greatly facilitated by the digestive ferment. It empties into the duodenum, the upper portion of the small intestines, by means of a duct, which joins another coming from insert the liver.

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