The forte uncomplaining manage to suffer less than those who are perpetually grumbling at the inevitable. What are the facts in the case of the so-called dipsomaniac, or morphiomaniac? That his conduct acid is unadjusted to his circumstances is manifest. However, if there be an excessive nervousness indicating the probability of convulsions, or unusual restlessness at night, the bromides and chloral hydrate are specially indicated to tranquilize the nervous system and promote sleep, but not with a view of effecting directly the course of Antipyrin certainly would control the nervous element to some extent, but, as I believe, only by its sedative influence on the nervous centers, acting in the same way as the bromide of potassium does in producing whatever favorable result it may have; but it is a fact that antipyrin is a drug too powerful to be used indiscriminately with children or even adults.

This was followed by a series of epileptic tits, one of which proved fatal. Francis will erect in New uses York The British Association for the Advancement of Science held The thirteenth annual meeting of the Tri-State Medical Society of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee will be held at the pesos each for the best article on the subjects:"Means that should diminish the number of deaths in the first five years of life." The has been selected for a good-service pension of one hundred pounds a year. Two conclusions seem naturally to flow from these observations of Besser, namely, that of all the species of bacteria found associated with influenza by various observers, none can have a causal relation to this disease, and that the grave suspicions entertained by some, even as to the often asserted etiological relation of the diplococcus pneumoniae to fibrinous or croupous Successful Removal of a Cancerous in which he successfully removed a cancerous growth from the pancreas. The second case was of precisely the same description, and its treatment conducted in the same manner. It had been driven into him fully two inches.

On asking her to what she attributed her illness, she said that her master had a friend who had been taken to the cholera hospital, and that he had sent her thither to inquire how he was. Insane jealousy is very frequent in paranoia following habitual alcoholic excess; though insanity is usually unaccompanied by hallucination. In the pharmacological laboratory of the University of Breslau under Professor Filehne, in preparing and examining a number of new phenyl-hydrazin derivative.-, finds that they are all. Quinine is of little benefit in this type of fever; the salicylates are of still less use.


He has rather an idiosyncrasy against the drug.

The second group is represented by the case of the child previously quoted, who died at the sixth week with the ordinary symptoms of severe broncho-pneumonia. From a long practice in the use ol it, I am satisfied that it affects tbe liver bv an action which it excites in the stomach, by either altering its secretions, and thus renewing a healthful action in this organ, or bv a particular stimulus it imparts to it, and which is sympathetically communicated to the liver. (c) A majority of authors follow Virchow in recognizing the fibrous in terstitial pneumonia at the root of the lung and passing along the bronchi and vessels as probably syphilitic. Its margins are liard, livid, and projecting, and the whole tumour is immoveable, being apparently amalgamated with the substance of the adjoining tissues. Every preliminary, scientific, polemic, forensic, philanthropic, bibulous, and bulimic, has been carefully provided for, if not reduced to mathematical accuracy by the able president, secretaries, and committees to whom the work has been intrusted. There are others who do not stop at glances or gestures, but add alluring words and embraces; and, finally, there are women whom neither the disgust of their victims nor the presence of bystanders can restrain from "medicine" actual indecent assault. There is a distinct murmur, and we hear it with and following the first sound tablet of the heart. In the case which I reported, at intervals of two or three months for twelve years the patient coughed up, usually with a good deal of difficulty, a grayish-brown mass the size of a small bean, which was made up entirely of the mycelium and spores of the aspergillus. Zoledronic - it is of temporary duration and passes off when (b) Subacnte inxmtitij is characterised by mild melancholia or mania, with sleeplessness, dreams, nightmares, general restlessness, and hallucinations. Early involvement of the nervous system is a bad indication; and the low, muttering delirium with tremor means a close fight for life. The whole of these patients were attended at their own homes, and most of them under every possible disadvantage. Next to myopia, the most common school plus malady due directly to study (according to Delobel) is scoliosis. Immediately anteriorly to the pituitary gland, the tractus optici cross the crura cerebri, and creep into sight from under the corpora striata, in order to form the optic nerves, with which indeed they are continuous. I told him it was my opinion the steel was in the eye, and asked him to inquire of the physician if it was really a metallic substance he had picked out, and on his return he told me that it was nothing but a piece of dirt.

A roller bandage may be held in the hand.

An International Medical and Scientific Exhibition will also be held by the We have the honor to inform you of the above decisions, and at the same time cordially to invite your attendance at the Congress.