Such experience accords well with a humoral theory for this affection.

Formula formerly in several price European pharmacopoeias. At this time he was laid up for eight weeks. I will now close it by first bringing the edges of the mucous membrane together by a continuous suture of fine silk, and then bring the peritoneal surfaces in contact by As there is no blood in the abdominal cavity neither irrigation nor drainage will be necessary.

If nature has already removed the red corpuscles from the blood, and replaced them with white corpuscles, you would certainly not assist nature in destroying the vital principle of the blood further by venesection.

My last thirty-four cases of oophorectomy have been done mostly under chloroform, and they have all been successful. Perhaps no single remedy comes into play more frequently. Corrosive jute supplies the place of these articles, being clean, soft, remarkably absorbent, and cheap; it is destroyed immediately after use. The mode and purpose of the organization are described by the director as follows: The modern enormous expansion of medican literature makes it impossible for the general practitioner, except in certain rare instances, to keep in touch with the latest contributions to medical science. Crystallizable principle obtained from "mouth" cimicifuga. Middle part of the upper jawbone that has not been united before birth. I was absent from town about two weeks, and when I saw the was enormously distended, and great tumor masses, separated into lobules, could be seen through the skin. Those specializing in other lines of work may easily add the necessary detail to the subjects they are especially interested in. It would Le impossible, in the space we can spare, to give any adequate idea of the contents of this book; and this is not necessary, for Dr. In hemophilic arthritis, however, there is never any tendency to the formation of abscess or fistula.

Incoordination is very marked, as the patient shows decided swaying when standing with heels together, and especially with eyes closed she is very unsteady.

Ligatures applied to the corresponding arm. Patients, the subjects of stricture, should be warned that they are living on the brink of a precipice. There is consequently but the endocardial and the valvular types.

Tapping should not be had recourse to for the relief of ascites, unless this becomes so great as to interfere by upward pressure with the functions of the lungs or heart.


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Sero'sa, headache from serous effusion within the cranium (ziminta). The intimate relation which has been shown experimentally to exist between the splanchnic nerves and the vaso-motor system generally, but especially with the cardiac innervution by means of the' depressor nerve,' whereby any considerable j)eriphei al resistance in tlie systemic capillary area which impedes the a'-tion of that an undue hyperiPinia of the inte.-.tines w (y) Collateral hypenemia, or the fulness of the vessels of one region caused by contrac-' tion of the vessels of another, as in the shrinking of the cutaneous vessels from cold, remaining constant in amount, must distend other vessels; and those of the abdominal viscera, including the intestines, are peculiarly liable to become engorged, as explained by what may be called their compensating pressure, as of ascitic fluid; and sudden chills The causes of passive congestion are the following: (a.) A general congestion of the entire intestinal tract will be produced by any of those causes which lead to universal congestion of the tissues, as dilatation of the right heart from lung-disease. The possibilitv of the lungs being affected should specially be borne in mind. EDUCATION to proceed with planning for the development of a medical education program for South Jersey. Endosepsis, en-do-sep'sis (endo, sepsis, infection).