This indicates that all the free HCl has been neutralized. Suppositories of pdf ichthyol, tannic acid and belladonna are often of great benefit, except where there is a mild degree of hemorrhage. Just so we have to look for an explanation in davis those seemingly hidden sources of infection occuring here in the city. Switch houses are dose made of wire gauze, and whole verandas of like material are built. Plexy, uremia, opium poisoning, and alcoholic intoxication.

If the test above given be compared with that given in the previous report (this Journal, loc.

We will have gotten a running start that Should finish the case in half the time, and we can even say, that in some cases without the start which this preliminary knowledge gives us.

Later, the spores became localized in the liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, lymph glands, and marrow, where they may remain latent for some months.

Fifteen of my patients dated the tumour from an external insult that affected the womb directly or indirectly. I once attempted to give a child pregnancy chloroform while asleep, but did not succeed.


Cerelene is an"elegant preparation." It does not separate do. Marked ascites may have to be relieved by puncture (azt). This continuous alteration of the surface causes the already aggregated protein particles to disperse again, which process, when continuously repeated, favours the condition of irreversible insolubility of the proteins, as has been already pointed out by Ramsden. To have a number of stomachs cut in the same section diminishes the labour of looking through the preparations under the microscope, and the presence in the section of the slice of liver makes it much easier to go from one section to the next under the high poAver.

Prescribed iodide and bromide of potassium, and the application of electro -magnetism. What, then has to be effects settled is, Do cases of insanity occur in which the morbid manifestations are limited to the sphere of the feehngs, the intelhgence remaining perfectly intact? Those who hold the affirmative admit that, in the great majority of cases, both the intellectual and moral powers are obviously disordered. If the family physician recognizes himself as incompetent to deal with these cases in their incipiency, he should then promptly turn them over to some one skilled in the line of orthopedic treatment. One-half to one or two minutes is the time suitable for the continuance of the vaporization, and the temperature of the steam of these means the author toxicity claims that the discharges are lessened and disinfected, and in many instances recurrence does not take place for a long time, eighteen months, for instance, in one case mentioned. The application of this observation to the sick man in a hospital tent is obvious. To most men the good of the moment is structure paramount. Full extension and abduction side are restricted,"starting" pains are present. Koch's argument was, according to the speaker the only one really germane synthesis to the point at issue. Within the past three years, Freer, of Chicago, and Hajek, of Vienna, have suggested an operation which has been called the sub-mucous resection or window operation, the object of which is to entirely remove the deflected portion of the septum. In several cases, he says," those finely granular masses which are sometimes lustreless and sometimes shining, and which are common in the blood of cachectic individuals, were found in great abundance." In his eighth case they were so abundant that they rendered the serum of the blood cloudy. But is there any reason in the nature of things why it should be incurred? The custom is already well established in some parts of the country of establishing" Cottage Hospitals," in which the sick of a village can be housed together, treated systematically, and visited by the doctor with economy of time, and therefore with greater frequency.

Simpson's clamp was applied close to the tumor, and the latter thoroughly sponged out, removing considerable coagulated blood, and some of the contents of the tumor that had flowed over into the pelvic cavity; the sponges must have been uses introduced into the cavity of the abdomen at least twenty-five times, and no evil results followed, and certainly we would have looked for trouble had we closed the cavity of the abdomen luithout sponging, as is recommended by a number of operators. The majority of these were strictly localised and were probably the amount of fluid being scanty in the majority of these. Ours is an age of reformation and construction in the medical world.