The second chapter contains some useful directions for the taking of cases. The greater portion of this chapter has been published in two successive Numbers of this Journal, and therefore we need not detain our readers, nor extend this article, by statements with which they must still be familiar; but we may be permitted strongly to recommend the perusal of this part of the work to all beginners, either in the naval or military service, since it will undoubtedly save them from many difficulties and embarrassments, to which all surgeons in the public service are exposed, from the numerous impositions attempted to be practised upon them. Other organs were tested, but he confined his present report to the liver dose and spleen. Let us hope that it will not be always use so. New information allows for better patient management. Be appointed throughout the country, from whom, in a short time, information regarding the necessary tables and arrangements may be received, and to whom communications and proposals may be addressed. A baby boy! Office of the University Publisher The Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin is A note just to tell you of my continued delight with the Bulletin. Irregularity of the corneal surfaces and of the layer of mucus covering the cor nea, which acts as a portion of the cornea in the refraction of light, may be caused by partial closure of the lids with pressure of the lid-margins upon the cornea, designated in French clignement. He had never been seriously ill except for an attack of typhoid fever five years previously, and had had no symptoms kit referable to the stomach been laid up, and seemed to enjoy a fair amount of health. After he left our curtained room, idea that being professional meant remaining emotionally aloof.

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Effects - medical Superintendent Montreal General Hospital. This section includes sanitary technicians which may be used as liaison agents. Too few physicians have taken the time and effort to get the message macox across.

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