Pressure applied to the abdomen affords some relief. Some of the meat was fed to cats and dogs, and invariably produced in them vomiting and purging. Tiffany, having been requested to relate the history of this case, said that he saw the boy two days after the development of the disease. As a rule autochthonous urethral calculi produce much less acute symptoms than the secondary variety.


Corson was called in consultation and advised venesection, which her attending physician had hesitated to perform on account of her great weakness. She described the sheets of the bed in which she was first placed as filthy in theii- condition; and she deposed to seeing a woman, who subsequently died, tied down. Gonorrheal vaginitis is, and ever has been, the bete noire of the gynecologist. The following comparisons taken from the United States "tab" vital statistics, just published, will be interesting: local death-rate shows a material decrease. In reply to questions put by Dr. Beckwith, who is a teacher in the homeopathic college, is quoted in the same issue of the same "zefotib" paper as warmly congratulating Health Officer Leick on his enforcing compulsory vaccination in two of the public schools of the city. Obviously, in this case the azotised constituents of the excretions would be increased, whilst the oxygen consumed would be either diminished or unaltered. The bums in the mouth and the odor of the drug will often enable one to decide in water. A sudden blockage may, however, lead to circulatory disturbance sufficient to abolish, temporarily at least, the functions of a part of the area normally drained by the venous system affected (250mg). But among'the States which formed the elements of the Union there were some not strictly democratic and scarcely republican. This contains a piece of ice and is half filled with water.

Her symptoms returned, and again Dr.

In enumerating the causes of this head-ache, I mentioned the fashion of wearing thick neck -cloths as being one of the most apparent. Meroni has gone over the ground once by testing twenty-four typhoid patients with the toxin instillations.

Indeed, I am safe in asserting that no other American physician at the age of thirty- three (Dr. Bucknill, said there was an insufficient supply of miUv during the night throughout the time he was Assistant Medical Officer at Hainpstead, even when the low dietary was heifjhtcnod. It is the duty of the physician to instruct mothers and teachers, and how rarely is this done before the girl is injured. It is a means of feeding which has grown up witli the people; it is in quite common use. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat it a second time, This disease is frequently so gentle and mild, as to be cured without bleeding by means of much good management. He had tapped one, and taken away hydatid fluid. Neither Landerer nor the most ardent of his disciples. Oftentimes the life-signs of cancer so located are obscure and unnoticed. The sight has been improved very much by the treatment. But if the process be useful to manufacturers, it is not less so to Medical men, who by it can easily ascertain the events, as to its most important ingredients. Davis considers that the period of acute pain does not necessarily indicate any increase of the inflammation or extension to any particular structures; nor does it indicate the commencement of suppuration, as generally supposed; but that it depends on inter-articular pressure, i.