The author holds that the emotional shock is responsible for the symptoms, which would not appear did not a changed and diseased mind react abnormally to slight bodily disturbances. The terrible nature of the work might be estimated from the fact that none of the workmen could continue at their work very long without becoming unwell. The proof is only indirect that the body actually did come from Florence. Several of the patients had had children, but they never presented traces That which seems to play the most important part in the production of the disease is the action of cold. Xor will the chemical action of the acid remain confined to the secreting cells; it must also affect the stroma and the peritoneal coat of the cyst, and the surrounding parts. Beraud'a atlas and letterpress must be highly acceptable to those who are constantly in tlie habit of requiring anatomical and surgical knowledge for the performance of operations, but who cannot readily refer to the dead body for such information. With regard to children, or half-timers, the only proof of age necessary in their case is the child's As regards the emoluments of the office, the contract system works well in my district, and is fairly remunerative to the surgeon, without being oppressive to the factories. A radical cure, especially in dogs, is sometimes only to be obtained by total extirpation of the affected portion of skin.

Pinkerton says that the fever at Bombay is never, so far as he knows, epidemic, but is endemic, much the same as it is in the large cities of Europe. In such cases the causes of the disability lie in emotional and other mental factors. These changes were present in a greater degree in the peripheral branches of the nerves, and seemed less in the nerves safe near the cord.' It will be noticed that here the lesion corresponded quite closely to that in the case of Eichhorst.


The operation performed with antiseptic precautions, and the ligature used was of kangaroo tendon. Rupture of an ovarian cyst may cause dissemination of glandular growths or of secondary cysts, and in this respect the multilocnlar may resemble the dermoid ovarian tumor, for in whether true metastasis occurs in either is doubtful.

In consequence of the strict enforcement during the last ten years of the regulations relating to the inspection of meat, measles occurs but rarely in home-grown German swine, and in South Germany it may be said to have disappeared altogether. Two new factors have appeared, one of which certainly may modify our therapeutic measures, namely, the efficacy of the sulfanilamide derivatives in the control of meningitis and encephalitis. In Dillingham's case the man had pneumothorax. Presentation of slides with cases to illustrate the points covered above.

No two nrcn are exactly alike in mental qualities and gifts, and so no two can best learn in exactly the same waj-. When the lochia decompose he advises vaginal douches of antiseptics. Some tablet nerve-fibres had simply lost their myelin sheath, others were reduced to a series of granular corpuscles; others consisted only of the empty Schwann sheath, whose nuclei were numerous.

The tube having been previously dipped in warm water, it is held as a pen, and is slowh' introduced, achancing by the simple, repeated act of deglutition.

This resolution was adopted unanimously by the meeting, and there were strong uses expressions of opinion pronounced in favour of the proposed amalgamation. The largely experimental nature of these lectures renders them doubly interesting, and the experiments are always of the simplest kind, and such as can be done easily by teachers of physiology in schools. The eruption caused by antipyrin is of special interest; it occurs in about ten per cent, of the cases, chiefly in typhoid and phthisis, more often after continued use, though in some cases after a brief period and in minimum doses. The horse presses or leaps forward or sideways, rears, hangs upon the halter or snaps it, tumbles down, rolls over or strikes its head against the wall, by which means it may receive serious injury both of head, breast and limbs.