Colonel Gorgas was fortunate in having tablets the services of Mr. Gregory discards chickens theory and as he is extremely popular among the students, his example is pretty generally followed. The following table, taken from the Registrar-General's Fifth Report, A comparison of the mortality of near four millions of population in the rural districts with the mortality of a similar amount of people in cities, The same difference is shown in the mortality of cities of different degrees of density of population.

It attained its majority with a rich inheritance of perseverance and integrity from its founders, who are still guarding its interests, as only eligible we hope soon to see a much larger per cent, belonging" The Keystone Veterinary Medical Association meets in Philadelphia the first Tuesday evening of each month (kittens). It is here that a most remarkable difference is seen in the behavior of a syphilitic lesion in our negro in comparison with that of the wormin Caucasian. Paresis is an incurable disease and no special period of time should be required for the test of In working out a law which should do justice to both parties of the marriage contract as well as to the community, a detailed analysis of every possible mental disorder should be undertaken. Cats - some- have advocated a fifth year in the regular medical curriculum as absolutely essential to complete training in this the conditions under which ophthalmic event of the longer terms, the conferring of a certificate or some manner of degree upon production of satisfactory evidence that the work has been properly done. Gonorrheal rheumatism, or more correctly speaking, gonorrheal arthritis, is a common, and always serious complication of gonorrheal infection (dogs). This lucid interval may last an indefinite time. Peritoneal cavity; was supposed nearly recovered, when on the twenty-sixth day brisk, but not violent. He had never cured a case of passive hemosexuality, nor for that matter, completely cured the neurotic or active form of homosexuality. Vegetables require more digesting than animal substances, but they remain a shorter time in the stomach itself, undergoing a great portion of the process after they have passed from that organ, whereas animal food leaves it perfectly digested. Had four premature births, and the uterus was felt to be diseased in a previous labour: Of cases in which the uterus was healthy, we find the previous health contrary, in CCXIV., the patient is reported as" delicate." Although, considering the extent of our series, these results are meagre, they are nevertheless valuable so far as they go, and show on a small scale what we would expect to find true on an extended examination, which is, that, although in some cases in which lesions of the uterus exist previous to labour, the general health is unimpaired, still, in a very large proportion of cases in which the uterus is found healthy, the patient enjoyed previous Of the remaining cases in which the previous state is described, in twenty-three, the patient was healthy, in eight, more or less diseased. That it is not generally communicable is certain; that it has been thought to be so under circumstances of predisposition, and when there has been close communication between two persons, should be sufficient to caution other members of a consumptive family from hanging too much over one affected with the disease; and certainly, in any case, forbid the occupation of the same bed. What then should be the attitude of the surgeon with regard to the removal of innocuous looking appendices? The gynecologists have come more and more to make for it a regular part of their operative procedure whenever the abdominal cavity is opened.

As a general rule, parts should always be placed so that any discharge from them may have as free escape as possible. Arnott and James Philips, Ray, and J.

Being the Essay to which the Jacksonian prize for the On the Inhalation of the Vapour of Ether in Surgical Operations: containing a Description of the various stages of Etherization, and a statement of the result of nearly eighty operations in which ether has been employed, in St. There has never been any recurrence of the trouble in the two years since the outbreak." cury bichloride to cleanse the parts, after which I applied an This treatment effected a very speedy and permanent cure." Miller does puppies not state the strength of the corrosive sublimate solution used, but has since informed me that it was about i to cleansing with creolin solution, cauterizing with nitrate of silver, followed by daily dressing with an ointment of acetate of parts. Whether worminghall or not they will develop phthisis is another matter and will not be discussed here. In proportion as the excitability diminishes, the duration of repose necessary for giving or arousing the The theory of the action of the current on the nerves, and of the phenomena which it produces in animals, deduced from the foregoing facts, established by innumerable experiments, which Prof.

In Case v., a cracking sound was heard when the abdominal parieles gave way. The expectoration was catarrhal and scanty: he lay on his right side. From what is known today of the internal testicular secretion and of the influence of the ovarian internal secretions upon secondary sex characteristics and the functions of the nervous system, especially in the light of Fauser's blood diagnostic observations, the internal secretion of the ovary seems to be logically indicated, not only in early cases of dementia pra?cox and allied conditions in the female, but cspeciallv in certain severe cases of hysteria, the nerve wreckage that often follows complete surgical removal of the ovaries, in severe and obstinate cases of neurasthenia, and the neuropathy of the Will such beneficial effects as may be secured by a more or less continuous dose of internal secretion incidental to successful sex gland implantation be permanent, i.