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It is difficult to make this classification because it is hard to differentiate between glomerular and tubal lesions in the specimen histologically and also because even if the early scars change has been entirely tubal, if the tubules are destroyed, the connective tissue will grow and will constrict the tubular space, and this will secondarily cause atrophy of the glomeruli which would secrete through those tubules if they were intact. The specimens were taken in the waters near the Dry Tortugas, a group of tiny coral islands in the Gulf of Mexico upon which the Carnegie Institution has maintained a Marine Biological Laboratory (uk). It 25 was certainly most flattering.

Clinical - the periods of gestation were without particular incident, the labors easy, and convalescence rapid.

Before or during the outbreak of the 100 early eruption, general or localized muscular pains not infrequently occur which simulate rheumatism and interfere to some extent with the movements of the implicated muscles. While the sequence of appearance of these lesions is constant for each recurrence of the disease within the same person, review it may vary tremendously from person to person.


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