But even in sleep you may frequently notice a jerking of the limbs; sharp flexion of the fingers and toes; twitching of the muscles about the mouth and After the subsidence of the spasms, and while you are modestly receiving the grateful thanks of the mother, and the plaudits of the neighbors, for your efficient treatment and able generalship, you may inquire and speculate as to the cause of the attack. The more nearly this resemblance can be traced, the more virtue there is for the Chinese in the particular specimen of ginseng. The ends of the first suture are passed at a distance of an inch from each other through the eleventh intercostal space; in one case Bazy perforated the pleura, a whistling noise followed, but there were no evil results. The snow packs slightly as it escapes, but may be packed into the shape of with a pair of forceps, the stick of carlxni dioxide snow is tiriuly l)ressed into the spot to be treated and so held for thirty to sixty seconds, hy the watch, or by eoimtins;'. Infallible, not even the youngest." I admit as we get older we become more conservative, and perhaps procrastinate, but this is the infallible result of long experience. The patirnt was operated on, the leg and arm centers beiug exposed, but ihe tumor was not discovtred, as it lay at tlie extreme back of the leg center, and was of the same consistence as the brain substance, so that instruments passed through it without resistance. The board of examiners, after consultation with the faculty, fixes a time for each meeting to suit a majority of the students graduating; the other on the second Tuesday in October. The name" Saint Maries" recalls all that is romantic in gm the early history of the colony. All of the abdominal viscera presented a macerated appearance, and there was a little viscid liquid in the peritoneal sac. Every person desiring to practice medicine and surgery in this state should make a written application to the board for a license, which must be supported and accompanied by an affidavit setting forth the actual time spent by the applicant in the study of medicine and surgery and when, whether such study was in an institution of learning, and if so, the name and location, and if not in such an institution, where and under whose tutorship such study was prosecuted, the time he has been engaged in actual practice, if at all, of medicine and surgery, or either of them, and where he was located during the time of such praotice, his age at the time of making the application. Possibly; and, though I am strongly opposed to our present system of over-lecturing, I could not but feel that the men who had listened and taken notes had got their information effects in a much more interesting and instructive manner than if they liiul read the subjects in any text-book.

Swanzy's disapproval at side the time. In panhysterectomy he not only tied the arteries, but also the internal iliac near its bifurcation; then the tumour to the supravaginal operation, unless the cervix were long, deep, diflicult to reach, and clearly in a sound condition.

Erection was imperfect, ejaculation took place too quickly and without any pleasurable sensation. Had contributed an observation on his own person, stating that there was considerable diminution of the exposed carbon dioxide under the influence of temporary mental depression. Pallor and coolness are due to spasm; redness, heat, and edema, to dilatation of the vessels.

DISEASES OF THE LOCOMOTOR SYSTEM Progressive muscular dystrophies, or myopathies, are the terms applied to a hereditary familial condition characterized by progressive muscular wasting, in some cases preceded by apparent hypertrophy, which first appears in early life and is due to degeneration of the muscle fibers, without involvement of the nervous system. This pain had been continuously hd present from that time amtil her admission, greatly aggravated during the menstrual periods.


It is at moments when patients are much run down in health that pains are particularly likely to be unrelievable, and during periods of emotional strain that anodyne drugs are most called for and are most likely to be recur to that classical contribution to medicine, now in the fiftieth year of its publication and still as important as when it was written, Hilton's"Best and nature for rest, and that rest will usually enable her to overcome the pathological condition and so relieve the pain without recourse to drugs, is, and ever must be, the basic element in the therapeutics of pain. Cyanosis may be due to either dilatation or to spasm, as in Raynaud's dilatation of the vasomotors (vasomotor ataxia), causing local flushing and edemas, as angioneurotic edema, the localized edema of hysteria, Secretory Symptoms. Should this discharge have been temporarily impeded by an astringent injection from the dealer, one of their knowing tricks, the nostrils will yet appear raw, and the scent from them and the breath, fetid or unhealthy. The gm2 patient, who was employed in another hospital, had been able to attend to her usual duties until one week before admission. Of late they become extremely tablet disagreeable and vivid. He points out that syphilis leaves more persistent lesions in men than in women. This with the vaso-motor elements in the affection which are so largely also under the control of the emotional nature make it clear that the pathology of the affection must be considered from this standpoint and, therefore, its From our present knowledge of the disease, it seems difficult to escape the conclusion that its pathology is intimately interwoven with a morbid condition of the vaso-motor sympathetic, and probably a hypersensitive state of the nerve centers themselves. Tliis pulsation, it is stated, comtitutes an expansion analogous to that of an aneuryi-m, and is accompsnied by a distinctly perceptible murmur, An interesting and important poict In connection with this sign is that not only the primary murmur but also the secondary growths possess the same pulsatile character.