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Delivery was effected with forceps, the child being dead, and the patient succumbed at once. It is too early, as yet, to decide positively as to the merits of the new preparations; but so far as the author's experience has gone, they are verj' valuable (knee).

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It arises from the bony partition -between "cervical" the foramen opticum and lacerum, being the longest of the straight muscles of the eye, and is inserted into the sclerotic membrane, opposite to the outer canthus of the eye. This bark has an agreeable balsamic smell, approaching to that of liquid storax, and a sub-acrid bitterish taste accompanied with some slight adstringency (cap).

(From natura, nature.) The because walking it is a sensation similar to that which people experience upon sailing in a to vomit without effecting it; also a disgust of food, approaching to vomiting. A veryconvenientcombination is one of prussic acid, liquor calcis saccharatus and liquor bismuthi. The brain, in such instances, at post mortem, usually showed a small abscess, composed of degenerated and necrotic brain mush, of a varying degree of fluidity from the admixture of pus, lying along the track of the missile, and around it for a variable distance an opaque-looking, slightly grayish and edematous brain tissue, not otherwise The appearances, on gross e.xamination, were often astonishing in their apparent insufficiency as the cause of death. Sections of the livers of such animals show the changes in the endothelium, as also price in the liver cells, already described. The important lesson he wishes to inculcate is that, provided an number incision has been made in the abdominal parieties large enough to admit the entire hand and therefore the forearm, it is always an advantage to the patient to be able to assure him that as far as touch could ascertain there is no disease of any other abdominal oigan. Stockings - this curious analogy gave several interesting evening's debates before the hv the different members, in order to ascertain why it was apparently necessary to pass a ray through a human body before it had any medical effect and eventually it was found that the penetration of the X-ray must be carefully calculated, so that the ray would come at rest within the tissue, where we desired that work be done.

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A certain amount of dysentery of the mild type and a few cases of pillow enteric fever complete the disoase-roll.