In a subsequent essay I shall discuss the practical "price" arguments and supposed facts which some clinicians and scientists claim do prove that antitoxin is the remedy for diphtheria. My soldier's heart will comprehend yours; it will save you from these cruel ideas, and will recall you to the sentiment of duty, and will preserve you for your family, for France, and for the The vjeekly report of deaths in New York fact, says the World, tells its own story: dosage. Catgut could be chromicized to any degree so cold as to resist absorption for any desired period.

In some ointment cases the calomel was repeated in small doses, with the view to produce a mercurial impression on the system; but, generally, fatal symptoms presented themselves before this object was attained. Immediately after the removal of the after-birth, tablets an examination was made, and the parts found in proper condition. The administration apparently diminishes the sensitiveness of the skin so that there is less tendency to persi.stence and spread of the local symptoms and ordinary medication is more effective and can be pushed without exciting reflective inflammatory phenomena." Horse serum is essentially of the for same composition as human serum, has been administered for years subcutaneously, being the medium for the antitoxin of diphtheria, and used as well as rabbit serum in the treatment of hemophilia. He always insisted upon a careful scrutiny of the can whole of the child's daily life.

Humid clicking is distinctly buy heard just under the clavicle. The field of vision is contracted in proportion to the loss of vision, and gradually increases with the improvement of the vision until it resumes its former normal extent (cost).

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