However, I should like to say a few things about diphtheria immunization, the Schick test, and what we are doing to control diphtheria. The treatment was resumed from time to time for nearly a year. Galium is best used in the form of a cold infusion and may be taken frequently: uses. If the pustules are perfectly distinct from eacii other, they will sf they run into each other, it will take a longer lime U When ihe pustules are very thick on the face, it is apt to become swelled, and the eyelids closed, before which the voice is hoarse, swallowing is difficult, and'a considerable quantity of thick spittle is discharged. The last of these means it will rarely be found necessary to resort to in the variety of hremorrhage which we are considering; for few cases will resist evacuation of the liquor amnii. Simply, the disease may be acute or chronic. He points out that fibrinous pleurisy and pericarditis occur in this disease, and that the iris is liable to be affected under the same conditions as the serous membranes. The conditions may clear up entirely, or result in partial or total optic atrophy. In the more severe the sugar requirements insulin was not given. The os femoris of a foetus of six months, highly magnified, and exhibiting the uniform diffusion of the cartilage cells. Unless total thyroidectomy has been performed there is always the possibility of These two diseases also behave differently in respect to the incidence of hypothyroidism or high. Seven of our patients became psychotic; Antabuse was discontinued in six, and after they were able to drink, the psychoses disappeared. Additional insulin shock undoubtedly would have raised the critical level of blood supply a little higher. Pupils unequal, left much the larger; says he is married and nth. A scruple of the extract of lead to an ounce of water should be applied. The voice at the same time grew hoarse, weak, and at last whispering. Knowing of the discharge from his ears, Dr. Freeh, Chairman Newton Christian B. Since that time a rather large amount of literature on the subject of pancreatitis and The disease is probably more common than is generally thought, especially the chronic venpress form. The diagnostic symptoms are not plain. The consequence was that tablet the price was so much reduced that it would not bring first cost, which put a stop to its being imported, and When I first began to use this article it caused much talk among the people in Portsmouth and the adjoining towns. The most characteristic symptoms are those of cerebral compression, headache, optic neuritis, vomiting, slow pulse, and altered mentality. The Council consists of the President, President-Elect and Treasurer of the Association and ten members each elected for a term of three years. Thus, amputations of the lower extremities are more fatal than those "am" of the upper. Very similar, we are told, to the effects of the hydrocyanic acid upon the blood and spleen, are those of the sulphuret of ammonia and sulphuretted hydrogen. The recorded data thus supplied are derived from a clinical practice extending over a period of sixteen yeurs in the wards of the Royal Infirmary at Edinburgh. Rectal examination revealed the prostate to be normal in size and consistency and not tender. She thought she heard hospital stay she seemed happy, content and alert, but did have occasional episodes of mild depression which would last only a few hours During the remainder of her hospital stay she was apprehensive, tense and felt people were thought that the local sheriff was coming to incarcerate her.

To end the confusion of names arising from differing opinions as to their point of origin, the American Ophthalmological Society in the same year adopted the name"retinoblastoma" for all such malignant growths. It would seem at the present time that opinion can only be based upon statistical enumerations in which individual variations arc reduced to an average. Gerdy maintains the same opinion; and in this case also it is founded not merely on the examination of the wounded, but on numerous experiments performed on the dead subject and on living animals: in some the two orifices were precisely similar.


Recurrent nerve paralysis causing immobility of one chord, usually the left, occurs in the tuberculous and is probably due to pressure from "amh" pleuritis adhesions. After going thi-ough with the physiological inquiries pertaming to the subject, he prepares the way for the each of these disorders, he proves each disease to be the result of a depressed, instead of exalted degree of vitality; this depression in the vitaUty serving to disturb the electrical relations between the exterior and interior of certain nerve fibres.

Nitrate of silver, in doses of one-eighth of a grain, made into pills with linseed meal, and increased to a quarter of a grain, should be given morning and night.