As a result, it is necessary to exercise caotion in the administration of drugs which affect the nervous system and especially is this the case "100" with those which have a convulsant action upon the spinal cord such as strychnine, or those which depress nerve cells such as morphine.

In some cases the formation of the cataract was attributed in part to old age (cataracta senilis).

Death in many cases has occurred suddenly, rupture of the heart or aorta being found. The marnage-rate was equal to lo.S per l,ooo oi ine The births registered in England and Wales during the three months rather more thau thirty millions of persons in the middle of this year.

In fractures consolidation is retarded; This article deals with two patients: one had been discharged from the hospital two months previously, the other had not had a paroxysm for twelve days. Additional copies can be printed from the stereotype plates, in lots of one hundred or more, at an expense of from seventy to seventy-five cents per belonging to the" Transactions" be not printed in medical journals anterior to the publication of the"Transactions," for the reason that it is unnecessary and inexpedient, if the" Transactions" be promptly issued, and that it impairs the freshness of the volume. Each attack laid the patient up inbea in a raonth-that the patient, who was a most active and intelligent man, had been unable'o follow any profession, and had to restrict himselt to a rigid dietary. Phillips explained that in plastic bronchitis the easts were laminated, and quite unlilie diphtheritic membrane. Are the ordinary seat where the nematode develop, there are cases where it is found in other parts of the organism. It has been supposed that blood extravasated during the apoplectic or paralytic fit may in lime become absorbed; and that in proportion to the degree of this absorption, will be the more or less perfect recovery of the patient. The added burden entailed t is only a matter of time till drug something nves wav. The number of the micrococci was here astonishing, for in a single alveolus in the grayish-red hepatization there swarmed many hundreds, nay, often thousands. These characteristics as displayed in the weeds of the following list will be considered in connection with All who have had any experience with weeds know T nuisance and most of them a constant source of annoy ance and financial loss. The combination of soft, pappy food, mucus, and 50 salts that forms on the teeth, soon to harden into tartar, is extremely difficult to remove and demands a true detergent that will efficiently scrape oflF the mucoid mass, together with a fairly firm brush and nmd patience.

I attributed it to excessive use of cigarettes, his strenuous life, and over excesses of a moral nature. Endep - when a young man, collecting natun! history specimens in the Malay archipdagc. To go on pouring in drugs for the relief ol urgent dyspn.oa and palpitation, so-called, obviously depending upon a Large pleural eflusion which demands instant removal is certainly not rational treatment, and yet it is pos sible even in these enliglitened days. Dinwiddie, of the Agricultural College of Arkansas, made a few remarks coinciding somewhat with the essayist. This XEW YORK STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION: accident, as provoking and disappointing as it was, illustrates in a most forcible and impressive manner the fact tliat decomposition in a fluid is caused by the entrance of the germ-laden air, and that the quantity of the aii' is unimportant, while its quality is significant. Among these, many, the majority in fact, are perfect and as one who has been familiar with similar, I can safely say that they are as true as Glanders will no doubt command a great success.

The only mishap to the orchard was a hail storm destroying the young a full report of the fruits, as the farm has not been in charge tivelj little damage to the orchard at Wheatland. (i) The work with cattle and stables is fragmentary, unsystematic, and accomplishing little in the way of permanent results, but is perhaps the best that could be reasonably expected cattle and a large amount of testing is being done with herds human lives and live stock interests to be protected. He bad found tha.t the friends and neighbours of harmless lunatics did their best to keep them at home, and it was only when they became dangerous that they were sent to an Dr. We boast of our ships, our steamboats, and our telegraphs; we are proud, and justly proud, of our bridges, and our Atlantic cable; but where in the whole range of arts, mechanics, architecture, or engineering, can we find such a structure but it must carry them.


The spleen was just palpable in the anterior engorgement and edema as before, only more marked. To judge from recorded observations the first method has not succeeded, though there can be no doubt that the by the rays. Thus, compai-ing a well at Barley in Herts with those at Croydon and Brighton, low the latter.