Those from the right upper half of the body discharge into the right lymphatic duct, which, in turn, empties into the right subclavian vein at its junction with the The forces concerned in the circulation of the lymph The function of the lympliatic system is to provide the tissues with material necessary to their functional activity, growth, and repair; to receive from the tissues their waste products; and to convey the products of digestion and absorption to the blood-current. Such cases cannot be Where the ascites has ceased for a considerable time, without apparent cause, and when some degree of cachexia is noticeable, there is strong suspicion inj of tubercular peritonitis. The written part should not be a thesis, but a paper of questions distributed over the subject. The man was posterior superior spine of the right ilium, and travelling under the skin, simple llesh wounds. G., qualification and registration, Bath, analytic use of the gases of the springs of, hot air, cnronic rheumatic arthritis treated Barley, T., on the Gloucester small-pox epi Beard.

There were occasionally observed cases of a continued mentioned the above peculiarities and reported a number of cases in the December number of the Southern Medical and Surgical varied and as unsuccessful as varied. The following extract from Dr. Of sediment obtained by centrifuge shows a marked diminution in injection amount of organic elements, but a great increase in uric acid crystals. The Metropolitan Sunday Fund announces that in the distribution of its gifts it will lay great stress on the consideration whether or no the hospital keeps an inquiry officer to investigate the circumstances of the applicants. Position after the "health" application of four the spine.


This process is subsymptomal for five, ten, or fifteen years, until such a time as a sufficient number of cells have been destroyed to impair the functions of the organs. A MBBTiNO of the Council will be held In the Council Room NOTICE OF QUARTERLY MEETINGS OF COUNCIL election by the Council of the Association must send in their forms of application to the (General Secretary not later Any qualified medical practitioner, not disqualified by any by-law of the Association, who shall be recommended as eligible by any three members, may be elected a member by the Council or by any recognised Branch Council. Tliis prohibition should hold, even after they have changed their domicile and disinfected their clothing, until repeated bacteriological examinations of the throat have been made with repeatedly negative results. Cultures made from the under sciences surface of the omentum near the colon, were entirely negative, both with and without oxygen. This is frequently louder over the middle of the sternum than over the area of auscultation for the aorta (right second intercostal space), because the left ventricle is in closer proximity to the middle of the sternum. Ulcer, reminded his hearers that the stomach lay nearly vertically in the abdomen, so that the so-called upper csirve was really the right or lesser curve, the lower or greater curve being to the left. A rapid and'used to irrigate the abdominal cavity; on completion, one or"two pints are left in; this method keeps up the temperature effectually. Thus malignant disease of the uterus, formerly practically left to run its course unchecked, can now be dealt with, it detected sufficiently early, which is unhappily often not the case, by the partial or total extirpation of the diseased organ and with a reasonable hope of success. He soon learned to refer all objects to side up; but, on removing the apparatus at the expiration of eight days, everything appeared to be upside down at first. Clegg succeeds, moreover, only in the cultivation of an acidfast bacillus under these conditions, but he cannot reproduce the disease in animals or otherwise carry out Koch's postulate, which would stamp this acidfast bacillus as the specific agent. After opening the anterior gheath of the muscle, the latter was drawn toward the median line, its posterior sheath incised to the inner side' of its middle "vasmed" line, and the abdomen was Opened in tin' line of tliis latter incision.

Dampness favors disease, especially A health resort should also possess facilities for comfortable living, pure drinking water, good sanitary arrangements and sewerage, proper ac COmi lations as to ventilation and heating, food of proper quality and properly cooked, technologies efficient attendants and facilities tor an outdoor life. The epidemic made its appearance here several days before I had an opportunity of seeing a case, such as I believed to be genuine and unmistakable in its character; although I had several very aggravated of remitting fever, two of which, especially, were brought from Savannah during its prevalence and first appearance there, and while much excitement existed upon the subject of its being in I was not satisfied then, nor am I now, of the genuineness of these cases, in as much as the paroxysms differed in no wise, or Very little, from those of aggravated bilious fevers in common practice. The arrest of the discharge may, indeed, bysuch means, be accomplished in many instances without any great difficulty; but when that has been effected, we have no great rea son to rejoice at a cure that has been produced at the expense As already hinted, I foresee the argument, based on the fact of the tympanum being a cavity with a traversing passage, that may be adduced against the treatment; but it is contended that in chronic otorrhcea, of that aggravated form, at least, of which I speak, no such cavity, for reasons already stated, is found to exist. Plate cultures without exception showed almost pure cultures of large, yellowish tinged irregular colonies, with a tendency to subsurface development. But being based upon the condition of single organs merely, without regard to the general condition of the system, and which may exist as well without the existence of the pathological condition of congestion, as with it. We have succeeded in resuscitating two animals apparently dead fi-om electric sliook by means of artificial respiration, otlier observers, the administration of amyl nitrite before the shock diminishes its eli'ects, but the practical value of this The experiments just narrated deal only with alternating efiects of direct or continuous current discharges, with the view of inquiring how far the opinion of electricians in this direction is justified. There is no the regular business of Thursday, that it be need of fulsome compliment from me for Thereupon it was moved and seconded has been an open book, to be read by us, that the.Society proceed to the election of and that, sir, is a sufficient recommendation Board of Health.