It is to the beneficial influence which the waters of Ems, Aix, Kissingen, and other spas exert on chronic metritis that their reputation for curing sterility is mainly due. The respiration is irregular and feeble.

The pain never goes above the ankles: utwell. Willard Parker, President, was in the chair, and the Hon. The vapour of the lungs and skin, the urine, saliva, juice pancreatis, lachrymao, aquosus humor oculi, dicuntur aquosi of the pancreas, tears, aqueous humour of the eye, are called the watery humores. (c) Stables and yards where sachet animals have died or been sick should be thoroughly disinfected. Two other recoveries in children were secured from oral administration of the serum given always on fasting. The first wave was followed by others of less magnitude, and presenting a different appearance. Purkinje" made himself the subject of an experiment to determine its action, eating three nuts, which produced marked nervous depression amounting to stupor.

Disease of the bfHiti nod nervous sysnem, and is perpetoated by mental excitement." known have been among lliose who lived well, who eat frei'ly several times a dwy of the most nutritious food. Putrefies, and quickly is resolved into its former elements.

I believe that this can be foimd in the change in the direction of the second and third portions of the profundus and the migration of their origins proximally, the profundus I being thereby permitted to occupy exclusively the lower part of the ulna and the ulnar side of the carpus, and since its insertion in the reptilia is into the dorsal surface of the volar cartilage, while the other portions of the profimdus insert into its proximal border, there is no obstacle in the way of a conversion of the arrangement seen in the amphibia into what occurs in the reptiUa.


The neuroglia tissue of the white matter of the cord has proven on the whole easier to stain (probably because it is more readily fixed; I base this statement on the observation made by Benda, as above quoted) and the results obtained are in general more readily interpreted.

In acute cases the patient cannot be considered out of danger till not only the vomiting has ceased, but an obvions return of strength has set in for fatal to an adult. This treatment is now being adopted in typhus also, in which, as in other cognate diseases, tlie danger of high temperature is imiversally admitted in combating the very essence of fever, which Galen termed'calorprieter naturam." The practice, although it originated in England, has not hitherto m this countrj- been adopted to the same extent as on the Continent and in India. This was followed by smaller blisters of a similar character upon different parts of his body, Done of which showed any disposition to heal. Speed and resistance are factors requiring separate consideration, and of the two speed has much the greater influence.

Acting on these principles in the treatment, and not considering fever to be in its proximate cause an inflammatory disease, I avow myself adverse to much bloodletting.

The benzoperacid then changes the aniline to azoxybenzene, probably with the intermediate formation of phenylhydroxylamine, while it is itself converted to benzoic acid. Flies might easily carry the germs of the disease substitute from such discharges and in feci other atiimals. Horis post levibus saepe causis multum et male afficitur. The patient bad now some fever, with occasional attacks of faintness, but her strength and spirits were not much further reduced. The process of mastication has the double and important offices of comminuting or dividing the aliment, and mixing it with the secretions of the salivary dands.

Details are given in nine cases where collapse was not present, and in all of them severe and continuous pain in the epigastrium or abdomen per?isted until death, but there is no record, as might have been expected, of constant vomiting.

The expectoration consisted of frothy mucus tinged with blood, and remarkably free from purulent, admixture: the blood tinge was pure, and rather pink or crimson than rusty. The change in the nail commences by whitish jioints on the lateral parts, seen through the unaltered upper layers. The kidney is increased in size, and the surrounding fat is sometimes oedematous and adherent to the capsule. Nee desuut exempla hominum, qui, sine manifesta causa, totos dies, vel etiam menses, somno vix interrupto, trausie pro morbis: quippe quae vel prorsus desint in as diseases: as being what either are entirely wanting in somno, aut saltern relinquant nulla vestigia aut turn, cui memoria et imaginatio adhuc vigent, quamvis to sleep, to whom memory and imagination as yet are active, although manumissae imperio voluntatis; vel propter quaslibet emancipated from the controul of the will; or on account of some impressiones, internas vel externas, adeo validas ut faciant eum impressions, internal or external, so powerful that they cause him sentire, quamvis non rumpant somnura; de quibus semito perceive, although they do not break the sleep; about which the half somnis quodammodo judicet, et confundat eas in mirum asleep (person) in some measure judges, and confounds them in a wonderful modum cum cogitationibus memorise et imaginations. This irritation may also be the cause of those eztraordioarr hood. Cooking and dressmaking arc essentially women's before a woman's beauty and capability of giving pleasure.

An attempt at heating had been made by means of gas stoves, but these price were not sufficient. The labor had not been either very tedious or difficult. But William Addison respecting the characters of pulmonary tubercle. When the present illness began. This treatment was renewed the next day with three insufflations and kept up for two weeks when the wound of the eye was entirely closed.