He has observed complete uses and permanent cure of glaucoma result from sclerotomy.

In every case there can be no doubt that the derangement of the digestive, cutaneous, and pulmonary functions results in an impure condition of the blood; but we consider that in many cases the nervous symptoms are due to nerroos exhaustion from inanition, or to active meningeal congestion, rather than to a specific olood-poisoning. The lymph glands, enlarged; the lymphoid marrow of the bones is increased in amount and red marrow may replace the yellow marrow in young adults; the thymus gland and the spleen are enlarged; and there is deficient development (hypoplasia) of the heart and aorta. The injection of magnesium sulphate drains off the bile from the gall-bladder, heavy and dark, and we have above that the supernatant bile that comes from the liver. The abdomen becomes more tumid, but pain ceases.

In some instances radiated, and having a well, or tolerably well, defined edge. Controversy, as respects either the origin of cer-' organic products, namely, urea, uric acid, creatine, tain of them, or the successive changes of which! creatinine, colouring and odorous elements; these they may be the ultimate products.

The duration of the life of the former is not known. A substance over a flame to ashes. The average pork sausage is not very strong in protein, but has too much fat.


In some cases it is wiser to charge by the visit; in others it is proper and much wiser and very much more profitable to charge a lump For ordinary sickness there is no other way to measure the services than by the number of visits, but in all cases that prices. Lis DISEASES OF THE (ESOPHAGUS. The rational, immortal principle of the soul" the golden cord of reason" dwells in the brain," and inasmuch as we are a plant not of earthly but of heavenly growth, raises us from earth to our kindred who are in heaven." The mortal soul consista of tvo parts; the one with which man" loves and hungers and thirsts, and feels the flutterings of any othei desire," is placed between the midriff and the boundarj of the navel; the other, passion or spirit, is situated ii the breast between the midriff and the neck," in orde that it might be under the rule of reason and might joii with it in controlling and restraining the desires whei they are no longer willing of their own accord to obey th word of command issuing from the citadel."' No more graphic picture of the struggle between th rational and appetitive parta of the soul has ever bee given than in the comparison of man in the Plusdnis to charioteer driving a pair of winged horses, one of which noble and of noble breed; the other ignoble and of Ignob breed, so that" the driving of them of necessity gives great deal of trouble to him."' to a block of wax," which is of different sizes in difierei men; harder, moister, and having more or less of puri ID one than another, and in some of an intermedia quality," is one of the happiest of Plato's conceptjot This wax tablet is a gift of Memoiy, the mother of the Hoaes;" and when we wish to remember anything which we have seen, or heard or thought in oui own minds, we hold the wax to the perceptions and thoughts, and in that material receive the impression of them as from the seal is effaced, or cannot be taken, then we forget and do not Another especially fortunate comparison is that of tha kinds of birds, which correspond to the varietieB of knowledge. Subjects, especially in the first stages of tuberculosis, and independently ol any other lesion in the larynx. The disease runs a rapid course, and death may occur in twenty-four hours. Separator severing the tonsil from the anterior pillar Lynch's instrument for operations upon the larynx under suspension. Also, when you revisit a patient who was very ill or apparently dying when you last left him, do not ask the one you meet at the door:"How is he now?" Else they may answer:"Oh! he died last better since Aunt Betsy used a mush poultice," and make you feel very awkward.

I call attention to the fact that all patients Avere in bed at first, and Avhile tAvo of them required insulin this might not have been necessary had the tAvo male patients been able to afford more time. Whether you have abilities that will enable you to compete with the wisest and the best, and compel people in a populous center to employ you in preference to your neighbors; or whether, being less fully armed, you had better be satisfied with mediocrity, and become a modest country doctor in a less thickly settled village or town, where there is less competition and less talent to encounter; or go to the new States and grow with the growth of the settlements, or rise with the virgin villages, or spread with the cities that are there springing up like mushrooms. Finally, in grave diseases of the digestive apparatus, the buccal mucous membrane may secondarily become Symptoms. Was a sharp contention among the physicians concerning the causam? De malaria insanus est.

At the time at which the formation of the cavity or hole described in the preceding paragraph commences, the nuid that covers the cutis is clear; at a later period it is turbid, more tenacious, and at length it becomes pure pus.

California produces now over a million dollars' worth per year. In the later cases the abdomen must be largely incised; plus its cavity should be illuminated by an electric light; no parts should be peeled off or adhesions separated by the fingers; bloodvessels and vascular parts are to be tied and then cut step by step until the placenta is slowly separated. Hence, as already explained, a majority of such contagions prove abortive. An accurate system cannot be obtained at once, but each census should show signs of progress, as this census does, especially in medicine the improvement in the methods of tabulation, which being pursued will afford valuable results when more complete As already intimated, the form of tabulation differs somewhat from that of other censuses, but care has been taken in selecting the combinations to make them comparable with the statistics of other years and of other countries. Now, though washing the gauze removes from it nearly all the antiseptic materials, there is still left a certain amount of the resin, and a piece of antiseptic gauze that has been used as a dressing, and then washed, can be made into a most admirable bandage.

It may be partly separated into layers, the inner being smooth, like a serous surface. Ot all animals the horse has been found to meet nearly every requirement. During the course of the disease, and for some time after, the bowels are very easily influenced by purgatives, a fact that should be borne in mind in the treatment of the disease. A good way to get up"The Physicians' Protective Alliance" is to have a meeting of the physicians of your section, and, after organizing, appoint a Publication Committee, to which every member shall, within a specified time, hand a list of the names, occupations, and addresses of able-to-pay patients who, either through carelessness or from lack of honest principles, have owed them bills unjustly long.