Among among others, that the ingestion of saline mineral waters does preclude any article of diet that would not be forbidden where they not taken; and, the use of these saline waters does slightly increase the excretion of uric acid thus justifying the use of such waters in the treatment of uric acid retention (tablet). May I ask that you publish side it? pamphlet has reached other eyes than your own in your house, the writer exceedingly regrets the fact.

Frank" states, Personally, I am not prepared to offer any statistics that would tend either to confirm or deny these figures, but am convinced by recent observation that involvement of the prostate is of very frequent occurrence, and in the majority of which cases gonococci were demonstrated in the As irrigations and instillations will not reach the gonococci when in the prostate, it is evident that we must resort to other means, and this is primarily accomplished by prostatic massage followed by washing out of the bladder and posterior urethra. The reflexes are' exaggerated, and ankle clonus effects and the Babinski phenomenon are present.


During this month nutritive injections were used, tonics and anodynes were given, and the patient was of April I saw the patient with Dr. Y., will be has been appointed CUnical Lecturer of Psychiatry. This last was attached by one extremitj', and hung off into the cavity of the aorta, but no vessel could be seen from which it had protruded.

They have, it is true, observed rare instances in which the heart has ceased to beat while the nerves and muscles still retained their life; but they explain them by supposing that the injection may have been made so near the heart as to affect that organ by direct imbibition, or that the point of the injecting syringe may have entered a vein, and thus an amount of the drug sufficient to occasion paralysis may have been thrown directly into the heart. Let us see if we cannot discover some of the factors in the causation of such clav-ds wide-spread and abundant neuroses among those fashionable and luxurious individuals who arrogate to themselves the title of"Society." Man is, naturally, a diurnal animal, but the fashionable world has reversed the natural order of things and has made him a nocturnal animal. He had never before seen so typical an instance of the Caput Medusse. Glonoin and the nitrite of sodium are valuable remedies against the petit mal attacks, when given in conjunction with the bromides.

Grainger Stewart, For some years past the author has noticed that haemorrhage from the stomach and intestine occurs in cases of waxy or amyloid degeneration, and that independently of ulceration of the mucous membrane. Writers and physiologists for a long time fostered the idea that no ingredients were absorbed through the skin during the bath, but this teaching is shown to be false by the latest researches of such eminent clinicians and physiologists as Wittich, Gutman, Woikenstein, and Chernszwesky. "When shall its use be commenced?" is a pertinent question. The development of pyorrhea in the mouth is wholly the result of local infection; an infection arising from the breath, from vitiated mouth secretions and excretions, and from chemical decomposition and decay of waste substances in the high temperature of the mouth. This polymorphism is "uses" a feature of considerable diagnostic import.

Mention in literature concerning the Ungual tonsil W ochenschvift, and the first paper in the United the tongue between it and the epiglottis, to which the name lingual tonsil has been applied, consists of a flattened mass, often divided by a median depression, giving it the appearance of 375 two glands. Porter's article relative to the use of patent nostrums, the following resolution, Journal, was favorably acted upon: Whereas, The public is.

The evil effect of overwork and poor feeding, although known, has not received the attention it deserves, specially in the way of the previous preparatory treatment of the patient who is to be put to the crucial test, undergoing a severe strain on his already exhausted ds reserve forces. Woods stated that the last figures could not 625 be so relied upon as those for the preceding ten years.

Sudden outbursts expressive of pain in cardiac region. Unless one has large postmortem experience with babies he will do well always carefully to control his percussion by the other physical signs of disease before drawing a conclusion.

Ultimox - further, M did not suffer from any disorder of sensation; he had neither ponaesthesias nor pains; he hardly complained of any sensations of numbness. In the carnivora the greater part of the function of digestion occurs in the stomach, and when the contents of this organ are emptied into the small intestine, the absorbable portion is at once absorbed and the nonabsorbable suspension is conveyed on into the colon and expelled, there being no need of a reservoir to contain any partially digested food. No obstruction sufficient to indicate tracheotomy for a moment.