After the second general treatment, the dropsy had almost entirely disappeared; his limbs regained their long-lost strength, and he would leap about the office like a boy in an ecstasy of delight, kicking higher than the doctor's head and springing from the floor to our operating-table with apparent ease.

This effects is the only instance in my own experience where contagion could he reasonably surmised. After attacks she would lose appetite made an umnterrupted recovery use and has remained well ever since.

This, which was merely a supposition, has proved true.

The left lung was flaccid, but the right was as hard as Roquefort cheese and was so adherent side to the pleura that the greatest force was necessary to separate them." Surely, to-day, we could make no better diagnosis of a case which. There are many more physicians with which to share the patient load.


Joshua Hilliard of Manahawkin by the in Ocean County: capsules. They might kill tuberculosis in another one hundred years by education, but they india must consider the claims of the present generation. Those patients experiencing an initial pneumothorax occurrence on the same side should be treated by the introduction of an indwelling thoracostomy tube.

As I before stated, the G(uieral had to be propped up in his bed, and Major Lewis supported his head until he breathed his last, which was precisely at six o'clock." merit, which should have a more general circulation in New England, as it is constantly ditfusing tiiat sort of knowledge which is always coveted at the North. No amount of love, nor even of intelligence, can save the children from the evils whicii such division of space imposes on family life. More than the members of any other calling, perhaps, they are indifferent to theological dogmas, but this by no means arges their indifference to the essence which these dogmas are, perhaps, too apt to becloud. O'Reilly's house surgeons of former years were present, Drs. From one joint to another, and from one leg to another; sometimes the parts swell and sometimes not; the joints most commonly affected are the fetlocks, knees, shoulders and hips. The septum allows repeated puncture into the blood stream with a blunt needle access set. It is thus that in fever, working from this center, we slow the heart's action, and are thereby enabled to reduce any fever in an incredibly short time. Yet, occasionally striking exceptions are found. In addition to these, there exists another efficient cause of chorea, namely, hereditary influence. Baker claims that it is the long-continued exposure that causes this disease; so that, if the indoor conditions are properly cared for this disease will be The Wayne County Medical Society adopted the following preamble and resolutions on the Department of the University of Michigan: Whereas, It has pleased Almighty God to remove from His earthly sphere our worthy companion and professional Resolved, That we as a society tender to his grief -stricken To the profession before whom he has appeared so eloquent in address, logical in his reasoning, honest in his opinions which he maintained with his utmost power, and, above all, his loyalty to his profession he so dearly loved, and for whose best interests he so long and sedulously labored, we can only say that the loss of one so eminent can illy be told in resolutions or words: in this the heart alone can speak. It was a very rare occurrence for any of the laborers to be obliged to suspend their work on account of ill health, they being generally active and robust. The cheaper class among them have a small sign giving their office hours, but not mentioning their names, while the higher grade have not even this. Physical examination may yield signs of atrioventricular valve stenosis or regurgitation.

They all agree in price declaring that it contains sulphuric acid and sulphates, sulphurous acid and sulphites, water and a trace of coloring matter. He gives inhalations of the simplest possible food, and promotes tissue exchange with the inhaled oxygen by a systematic application of douches followed by frictions. This consists mainly of advice on emotional adjustment to stressful situations and guidance toward a good balance between work investigators have reported that ergotamine preparations are effective for relief of the acute given immediately when an attack is approaching and dosage adjusted to the needs of the FOR PHYSICIANS, SURGEONS, DENTISTS EKCLUSIVEIY Cost has never exceeded amounts shown (ulcikit). He volunteered to make the autopsies and in made over one thousand. Correctly speaking, dyspepsia is not a disease, but a symptom. Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association O lympiad XXIII has come and gone, majestic and exciting, once again extolling the virtues of physical fitness.

Congratulations are extended to the Medical Service Administration upon the success of the City of Newark Plan: dosage. In other cases there may be a slight but permanent irregularity of the prepyloric contour, with or without obstruction, in which one can only say with certainty that a lesion of some sort is present.