Neuralgia is said to have frequently a gouty origin: but the facts on which this statement rests, perhaps hardly warrant a decided opinion. Patient was a subject of inguinal hernia, and the hernia became at constricted after being reduced. The deathly paleness of the countenance which precedes the convulsion is, indeed, a plain proof that the fit commences in a state of circulation which is the very opposite to that of active determination of blood to the head, and the strong pulse which is usually perceptible in the arteries as the fit progresses is no contradiction to this conclusion.

Upon this principle may partly, I believe, be explained the differences in regard to pain, which occur in different structures under inflammation. Ford Thomjyson read the report long a resident of this city; admitted into Early in September u took cold," having considerable pain between the shoulders, in the right shoulder and in epigastric region, but no chill.

The Chairman strove to obtain order, and for a long time his Finally, when Mr.

Loss of appetite, constipation, loss of sleep, were hindi common symptoms. The traction is head is being forced.


But inasmuch as we are ignorant of tool many of these things, a definition of fever, at onoe precise and comprehensive, is not yet possible. And as there appears to be no doubt regarding the cause of these changes, the importance of the fact can hardly In view of all the facts we have thus hurriedly reviewed, we can claim for carbolic acid, not only antiseptic properties, but that it is prophylactic against pyaemia, hospital gangrene, and mence upon content some special part of the body, in the form of a sore their formation is capable of affecting not only the tissues in which they are located, but also of taking the life of the patient, if not checked or destroyed. Eighteen months prior to her death her husband exhibited symptoms of tubercular laryngitis, and died of consumption four weeks before his wit'e.

First, by finding the germ in the blood, gall, urine, liver, spleen, Second, attack in making pure cultures from the blood and liver. These are the shurest indications of the presence of anemia; and when they are sufficiently attended to, it will often be found to exist where otherwise it might never have been suspected.

Vacher has established the great fatality of variola during the first year of life; viz., ten times greater than at the period between twenty and thirty; and, moreover, it is even very considerable during the first three months, contrary to an opinion generally entertained, and which has given rise to a false eecurity, in relation to early vaccinations. Read before the Medical Society of the County of New York, at its eighty-fourth annual meeting, and reported in the"Curetting the Uterus," by Sabail; Journal de nied., October THE PROPRIETY OF INTERFERENCE IN GUN-SHOT (Read before the Medical Society of North Carolina at Oxford, The question of the propriety of surgical interference in gun-shot wounds of the abdomen is one of general interest to the profession. They are based upon the regulations adopted by a number of the sanitary committees and boards of health of the large cities in this country and in England during the prevalence of the later epidemics of the disease. The death of frost-bitten parts is perhaps scarcely an exception the phenomena of mortification occur in them after the application of a certain degree of heat sufficient, probably, to give rise to blood, independently of any inflammation, will cause mortification. He also discussed the various theories of the causation of the necrosis. The to be improving in general health. Towards the pyloric end the mucous membrane had a uniform deep red colour, to some extent, no doubt, the result of putrefactive changes, but due also to intense congestion.

When this condition price exists there will be found invariably a congestion of one or both ovaries, usually of the left.

In ordinary colds it is whitish or yellowish, and moderately tenacious; in inflammation of the lungs it is the color of iron- rust, and exceedingly" sticky," clinging to the sides of a vessel almost like glue; whenever these latter characteristics are perceived, it indicates mischief. The substance injected, if properly dissolved in a convenient quantity of fluid, quickly enters the general circulation, and, in a large majority of instances, produces just as decided an effect on the local nerve pain, as if it had been locally injected.

If the globulin be precipitated by adding a saturated solution of magnesium sulphate, the fluid filtered, and the clear filtrate again boiled, it should remain clear.

They should be banished from the apartment of the prevention patient. The provisions of the Hasted bill included tablet a non-partisan, impartial and competent commission in each case of alleged lunacy, and embraced every county. A a somewhat delicate frame, during the early part of September, had a troublesome dry cough, and one day she began to cough up a large quantity of florid blood.