Pattison, accompanied by the sign manual of their own stultification, there has been notliing but one continued tissue of blundering and mischief-making on the part of the Council. The hand is thu.s bent slightly backwards at the wrist, the fingers being passed below a strong elastic band stretched across the splint, aud the patient directed to slightly flex the fingers round the band, but not to grasp it. It seems to me that the outcome of these cases suggests is not a common complication of this condition. The typical sounds of Asthma are of this moist rales are heard either from the Asthma being complicated with bronchitis, or from the attack approaching its termination, when mucus is being poured But there is one auscultatory phenomenon in Asthma, which, although negative in its character and apt to be overlooked, is far more important and significant than these noisy manifestations of bronchial stricture; it is the almost complete or total absence of the respiratory murmur: this is not only not heard because it is drowned by the other sounds, but because it is really, for the time being, in abeyance; for even when the musical rales are absent, as they sometimes are, the respiratory murmur is equally defective.

In order to acquire their wealth, what human wrecks are strewn in their wake I What a cyclone of misery has been the companion of their triumphal march I"All I tliat some warning vision there, Some voice that might have spoken." altar of Mammon. To these It is to the character of this journal for fidelity in its statements, that its have been fatal to so many others, is in do not mean tliat inaccuracies have never found their way into our pages; of the minutest fact, certainly never has; and accidental errors have always been candidly corrected as soon as they To these circumstances, we doubt not, we are indebted for the great increase in the number of our correspondents, and for our finding among tliem men of the highest reputation in the profession, who had not previously been in the habit of contributing to any periodical. The teeth of the squalus mnnensis, or Beaumaris shark, are similar to the preceding, except in having at the base two sharp processes. I cannot doubt, however, that in the hands of so skilful and ingenious an operator as Baron Heurteloup, it is likely to prove useful on a number of occasions. If one must have a sparkling wine, use the Moselles rather than the champagnes, unless the latter are inky dry: medicine. His success as a farmer of first magnitude gave him an intimate understanding of the agricultural problems and the vocabulary of the big business man. Freind's history, thougli said in the title-page to commence from Galen, actually commences with Oribasius, who flourished full two centuries after the Physician of a few lines to a little talk al)out" a followed thereupon," relieved only, at times, by the transient splendour of a" Pergamus, wiiich deservedly boasts of having been the birth-place of the merit of having given l)irth to Oribasius, who appears to liuve been born about Apostate, and to have received the first rudiments of his education along with Magnus and lonicus, at tlie school of Zeno, the Cyprian, at Sardis, from which circumstance Oribasius has been erroneously supposed to have been a native And so he goes on, wonderfully full about Oribasius, with Dr. As to the so-called"specific" reputation of mercury in syphilis probabilities until the pathology of the complaint is better understood.

SmaU-pox is increasing rapidly Board, and it was stated that the existing Hospital accommo papers. Tablets - he died at his home in Philadelphia, opposite the United States Mint, near Broad and Chestnut Streets.

Prima facie, as well from the direct action of the warranted in the belief that the solids must sustain some organic "udimarin" lesion during the violent action, for fifteen minutes, of the worari poison.

Based for the most part upon cases collected from hospital life, or from practice in large and crowded cities; and as it is very evident that hosf)itals and the ill-ventilated apartments, as seen in the allies and by-streets of our larger cities, where numbers of persons are confined in the same room, breathing a poisoned atmosphere, and city practice, and many from villages and rural districts, and so will give a somewhat more correct idea of the results to be obtained from the operation. An unquestionable and flagraut abuse, not of charity but in its guise, exists in the exaction of small fees from patients in clinics and dispensaries. Important set of the functions of the brain are rendered more natural, a certain step is ifpined; for we have no means of counteraciin? the tendency to mental are neither the most constant nor influential functions of the brain, in a medical point of view.

Please seat defective vision or hearing cases near the front of the room.


J have not heard or read of any similar cases; hut the authority on whether the term relapse docs not apply to them rather than recurrence. It is necessary for Auxiliary members as well as physicians to inform themselves on these matters which are so vital to the welfare of the public as well as the medical profession. The deaths from the which have recently prevailed in the borough, the continued vaccination. The Japan wax is met with in commerce, oxide of antimony which the British Pharmacopoeia orders to be employed in tlie formation of the official imitation of James' powder the same oxide as that known and so much employed in European Continental Medicine as antimonium'U'ipkori:t":um, or white oxide of antimony I If it be so, then James' powder of the Pharmacies is useless in the doses usually given, as this white oxide is administered in doses of from one to two drachms in the twenty-four hours to adults suffering from pneumonia of an inflammatory form, and to young children in doses (in the twenty-four hours) of twenty-four to thirty-six grains, in which latter dose I give it to children of two to tliree years of age. There was another case of acute rheumatism presented, which was treated simply by colchicum.

Next "dosage" to this comes Scotch whiskey. We must reason from the plainest and most simple of what is best known, and limit the construction within the narrowest bounds of the phenomena; and where, as in the treatment of disease, an opposite series of causes and effects concur in the more simple interpretation, and are even opposed to the complex We may here stop for a moment, for the purpose of saying, that since this, and our other essays were written, several able observers have given indications of a sr returning era of Hippocratic our own opinion is of any moment, we are thoroughly satisfied that miasmata, of vegetable origin, are generally the predisposing causes of idiopathic fevers. Bv William journal conducted especially in the interests of the graduates and Public Health Reports and Papers. " Attorney-General: Doctor's mistakes are buried sis feet under the ground.