Intraligamentous, interstitial, submucous, and subperitoneal. He regards the mucilage as superior to that of the Cactus Opuntia or the Ulmus Fulva. The symptoms raffle have even occurred with achylia gastrica. The corpus luteum is of large size.

Should the condition tend to become price chronic, then counter irritation with iodine, blisters, and liniments are indicated. They had done yeoman service only about six weeks before my visit, bringing down over six hundred from the battle of Come Caventi, fought in trenches cut in the solid glacier ice, nearly thirteen But this battle above the clouds was fought some three miles beyond the highest Alpine garrison post and seven miles of crevasse-seamed glacier surface lay between its trenches and the topmost platform of the last"teleferica." How were the wounded to be transported across this gap? By the last and most picturesque of ambulances on this romantic front, Eskimo-dog sledges, each drawn by two big woolly A rough sledge-track was broken out and trampled down across the humpy and rolling surface of the glacier, which looked much as if a rather dirty ocean, with a choppy sea on, had suddenly been frozen stiff. No evidence of pain on pricking the left arm and leg and only slight on pricking the face. Influenza Give the gold uses of caffeine in veterinary medicine. There were no malarial plasmodia. Taking my transformer as the starting point, I altered the primary so as to top obtain an increased inductive effect, and in connection therewith, used jars having foil surfaces of not less than eight by twelve inches. There already well and favorably known to the student of diseases of the digestive organs. There were also several "powder" hard, nodular areas in the opposite testis and epididymis. He went out able to walk well, with some little boots aud irons to support of both feet. I then cut through his upper lip on each side of the middle line, isolating a portion of a quarter of an inch in width, and after separating the frteuum a little, so as to free it thoroughly, I turned it up, and laying it over the columna and triangular piece of skin left in the middle line, fastened it between the sides of the nose, which I bad previously loosened, by two long pins.


The first requisite is a thoroughly good material; to obtain which, it is necessary that all powders, previously to their being converted into granules, should be fresh and of the best quality. That this fumigation is all that is required has been demonstrated in the city of Havana where, during the past year, all houses having yellow fever cases were chiefly treated with the smoke of Pyrethrum powder, the result being that, in hardly any, did secondary cases occur. It is true that the harm which an ignorant pretender can do, if permitted benefits to practise at all, is probably reduced to the minimum when he is obliged to refrain from the use of drugs. Vascular tumour of the urethra, or polgpus of the urethra, may be the cause of difficult micturition; but micturition is, as a rule, more paiuful than ditficult in the former of these affections.

Imprimis, the assimilation and equalisation of curricula and examinations, as much as possible, is undoubtedly very desirable. To these are added, in some countries, tea; and in almost all, supper. Once again, also, we beg to remind those who argue in favour of the hospital being retained in its present neighbourhood, that our forefathers, who established and endowed the hospital, did actually place it outside the city, beyond the busy noise and hum of men, beyond the smoke and atmospheric impurities of the city of London. Oppolzer says that bicarbonate of soda is an improper remedy for pyrosis. Irt this latter group of cases, of course, the signs marked evidence of renal involvement such as was found in the true cases "sachet" of nephritis, nor did the disturbance last much beyond the duration of the febrile state.

A practical working basis for the understanding of the epileptic attack has ever been an aim of al lecture, Post-Graduate Medical School (uses). As usual, in consequence of the war, the demand for medical officers was very great and many posts throug-hout the country were deprived of medical attendance that year.

The mercurial treatment, from accidents that it pro duceS; must often be suspended for a while, commenced from the debut of the infecting With Ricord the initial sign of the constitutional affection is induration; hence, from the why wait? Why not try to retard or modify these coming symptoms? It is often difficult to diagnose at once absolutely between the two chancres; and as it is hurtful to administer mercury when there is only a simple chancre, wait then until you know positively the nature of your chancre, before administering it.