For the gastric derangement bismuth will generally be found "calculator" efficacious.


The muscles of the arm and leg are chiefiy affected, while those of the trunk and neck often escape entirely, so that the body and head remain erect and firm: define. I have since given it during delirium, without bleeding, found him with high fever, lying on his back, and so comatose that it was with considerable difficulty that he could be made to notice questions, to which he would then make incoherent replies (diagram). The worst pain was in the ball of the thumb, which was swollen and very tender. Large workshop, two billiard tables, electric light and central heating: online. All these are in distinct contrast definition with the symptoms of spinal or intramedullary apoplexy, Vaso-motor disturbances are absent in meningeal, but present in spinal hemorrhages. But software by close observation, he will soon become convinced of his error with regard to the transientness of the symptoms. When, therefore, the author concludes that his examination of the statistics of this subject lead him to quite negativ'c results, we may feel entitled to re jointhat we in turn are wholly sceptical as to his conclusions, and resolved to look at the question for ourselves, on the basis of chnical experience of individual We cannot aftbrd the space to go into the scrutiny of the wool dressing of Guerin, more especially, as the results are as unsatisfactory as any of those previously devoted to the wool dressing. The arch of the aorta, like the pulmonary artery, lengthens and enlarges during the systole, so that the whole arch widens.

Various circumstances explain how this should happen in the lungs. The peculiar limitation of the morbid change to certain lobules, the change beginning and ending abruptly, and not shading off gradually, also evidently gave to it a character altogether distinctive, and such as is not found in true pneumonia. The author has made new and extensive additions, embodying" most art of medicine during the last few years." Among the new matter, are some remarks on the rationale of cod liver oil in the treatment of caccplastic and aplastic diseases.

When at the commencement of the febrile symptoms the bowels are constipated, purgatives are indispensable, and those too, which are calculated to produce thorough evacuations; f r it is quite evident that the retention offojcal matter, or any vitiated secretion in the bowels, would constitute a prolific diagnostic source of irritation. " The researches of modern chemistry have detected some of these changes; finding excesses or deficiencies of some of the chief constituents of the blood, and detecting in it some of the materials introduced from without. Trust - vVe are, therefore, in some measure indebted to Broussais, for the admirable works of Louis, Chomel, and Andral, which furnish the only satisfactory reply to his exaggerated notions. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the President, Dr away from our midst James Hinton, one of the most original and subtle thinJiers, as he was the most accomplished aural surgeon, of these times. Councilman a pathological, report"On an Epidemic of Cerebro- spinal Meningitis caused by Diplo COCCUS Intracellularis Meningitidis" (Jaeger), which were discussed by Dr. When he next writes, would he favor us with a list of M.D.'s in his locale, and thereby make us his obliged We hail with pleasure the appearance of the Dublin Hospital Gazette., and have no doubt, judging from the names of the contributors to the first number, and the hospitals represented, that it will prove a worthy successor to the far-famed" Dublin Hospital Reports." The Irish school is determined to maintain the high character it has acquired for successful investigation in the field of Practical Surgery and Medicine. I have before referred to a specimen which exists in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons, in which the current of blood flowing through a congenital aperture existing at the base of the ventricular septum has expanded portions of the tricuspid valves, so as to form small sacs or aneurisms; and I have seen a similar condition of the tricuspid valve in a recent case of malformation of the ADVENTITIOUS PRODUCTS IN THE HEART.

The kidneys were healthy in eight cases; granular in twelve; congested in one; their state is not mentioned in eighteen. The tufts of bloodvessels in the glomeruli are usually distended. When dimensions latent, it may be excited by severe mental emotions or over-work. Kickets or rachitis design is a disease of general malnutrition with characteristic lesions in the osseous structures. In the lungs and air-sacs of the animals a mould fungus was seen, which, on artificial cultivation, proved to be aspergillus fumigatus. Other cases of chronic trus alcoholismus develop chronic dementia with suicidal tendencies, and may become permanently insane.