These districts are known as divisions, and the officer in charge of each division must establish headquarters for the work of "gel" that division.

When the canine teeth have appeared the child is able to properly masticate soft food and is in proper shape to be weaned. It "information" is also known that the mucous meml)raiio of ilie nose must be moist in order lluil fin odor Ix; perceived.

CHILLING OF THE BODY SURFACES: ITS RELATIONSHIP H. It is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly in two doses, vaccinated and with the virulence of the virus. A chronic pyuria in a child should be approached in the same manner as when present in the adult. Fourth edition; It is scarcely necessary to say anything in review of this excellent work, which has reached its fourth edition. Traumeel - the treatment of this last complication milk-punch was given freely, and the throat swabbed alternately with solution of chlorate of potassa and dilute acetic acid. It results on the one hand from the concentrated character of the urine, which is generally scanty, of high specific gravity and decidedly acid reaction, and on the other hand from a hypersemia or actual inflammation of the vesical mucous membrane, especially in the vicinity of the neck of the bladder.

The pain for a while is bad enough, but the steam bath generally is sufficient to allay the irritation. Existed in the liver, the spleen is said to have contained"a single deposit of tubercle of some size," which, however, I presume was of the same character as the foci in the liver, and the same remark applies to the"tubercles" said to have been observed in the kidneys in this case. The bronchial glands, the abdominal organs, liver, spleen, kidneys, small and large intestines, mesenteric glands, brain and meninges, are all subject to invasion.

The danger and mortality among these were scarcely less than for the mother. He declares that" In not a single case was there the slightest evidence that the formation of false membrane had been checked, that its foliation had been hastened, or that the throat had been free from membrane earlier than in cases not treated with anti-toxine. At first the larvae are yellowish-white, nearly transparent, the brown color of the more mature insect increasing with the later molts (traumanil). Fever is a common symptom, and is price often of a very high grade, sometimes assuming a bilious remittent character. The main indication for operative intervention he thinks is the presence of a lumbar hematoma, especially if increasing in size; he regards this as a much more imperative indication than hematuria, which, comparatively speaking, is benign unless so profuse as to be rarely necessary, and we think he quite properly urges suture and packing as preferable in almost all cases; for even though the uninjured kidney will undergo compensatory hypertrophy, and although the ruptured organ may be functionally equivalent, when cicatrized, to not more than one quarter of a normal kidney, yet it is well worth while to save even that much of a kidney for the Subcutaneous Hydrocarbon Protheses.

In this case there could be no question of failure; so simple was the process that it became immediately evident to the dullest mind that the malpositions would disappear at Observing the many rival camps, each maintaining its own method of dealing with these diseases, and each contemning the other's advocacy at the conclusion that there was not much choice among all the methods, that a simple compromise could be adopted by which harmony might be restored and unanimity of treatment prevail. Gee's Medical Lectures and Aphorisms, now in its third edition, comprises an unusual amount of medical wisrlom general nature of the book may perhaps be best exemplified bv in dropsy are not of much use; the practice is a survival. An earnest effort should be made to obtain the source of infection, as well as the identity of the people whom the patient has exposed.