The severity of the svmptoms and the degree of tarc histologic disturbance bear no relation to the strength or quantity of the injected formalin. When required for operation they are taken out, dried with a sterilized piece of gauze, and handed to the operator. Paget will move to alter Law VIII, by inserting the words" President-elect" after the words" President for the year". Of causes of vertigo that had not 40 been mentioned. Tooth, for his skill and 45 trouble in examining the nervous lesions, of which lie has furni;,hed me a shoit account. It is in these cases that the surgeon's skill must be exercised to save wilmington every possible bit of tissue and give the woman some chance, however remote, of becoming a mother.

Natural processes of recovery or adaptation side are evidently lacking, insufficient, inappropriate, or disproportionate; and therapeutic intervention is desirable. On the left thigh, inoculations were made fr-om an artificial ulcer on another patient under the left arm by the last inoculations; matter from these was inoculated on the same arm. Ordinary mild cases have been excluded, and it may be assumed that every case here reported is one of severe intoxication, unless the The cases fall naturally into four groups: (a) Those in which the treatment was begun early (b) Those in which the patients have been ill ten (d) Cases of relapse or delayed resolution. In one, a lesion of impetigo was situated at the site of each of the three inoculated spots, and there was a patch of the game disease on the back of the infant's neck. It would seem reasonable to supply this evident lack of chlorides in the blood and tissues, and this is easily accomplished by giving intravenously large amounts of isotonic saline solution at more or less frequent intervals. Absence of pulmonary svmptoms, however, does not signify definitely that the lungs are normal.

No one, we suppose, will venture to defend unUmited advertising of this nature; and, in truth, the very fact of its having no defender is a tolerably good proof that those who amy out the system are not over-proud of the proceeding.


With an Appendix embracing a short Account of the consisted of a course of lectures delivered at the Hunterian School of Medicine. Iii a few minutes he has what seems to rav4 him a delicious thick soup. OF anchor THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MEDICAL SOCIETY. Among these are: belladonna, the coal tars, veronal, and others of the hypnotic group, and, not infrequently to-day, antitoxines. Surgeon to the East Cornwall Hospital. This can be done by specific immunization, but as the organisms discovered to have been the cause of peritonitis are very numerous, very little can be promised through this (winch). If there are no abscesses, but simply a large, tense, hyperemic kidney, splitting the capsule Questions for discussion in this department are announced at frequent intervals. IJroth cultiues inc were not used in luaking the enmlsions lor agglutination tests, because they are not reliable, (iclatin cultures from forty-eight to one hundred and twenty hours old W'ere used in the emulsions with sterile normal salt solution. We see cases in the same abdominal symptoms; and the converse. The very long time (two weeks) between the first and second operation will probably be commented on. One being a late 4wd case of appendiceal abscess may be accepted as belonging to the type which always will have a certain mortality risk. Patients who seemed to be on the very point of espu-ing always survived under the agency of the tepid bath. Lights - it rests with the osteopathists to demonstrate that they are to be trusted with full powers in similar cases. The seriousness of the operation and the permanency of the cure depend in a large measure upon the age of the hernia.

B., surgeon, detached from the Detroit and ordered to Philadelphia, Pa., il for special duty, and thence to Washington, Ledbetter, R.

These tumors, however, are known session to occur much earlier. He is entii-ely a self-educated man, of great powers of mind.

She described herself as"feeling fine" during the remainder of her stay in the hospital. Tapped, and rather more than half a pint of sernmi drawn off: effects. He was a that "42nd" State, practising first in Richmond.