When Clark published his paper I paid close attention to this point, and accepted no mere routine reply to my inquiries into the state of the intestinal functions; and I likewise found reason to believe that, when the cases are excluded in which constipation is attributable to the iron administered, (;hloroticjwomeii are not more constipated than other women. I examined the limb and uses found it a great deal colder than the others.

50 - a portion of omentum remained firmly fixed in the femoral ring. In the event of death or resignation of any member of that committee, of course the president would have the power to fill President Marshall: That they be appointed by the incoming president? Dr: 150. Moreover, the majority happened on the gi'ound and were associated with the tisual manifestations of minor epilepsy. Applications on the lives of married women should not be written unless their husbands also apply. In marked cases of fibro upon the heart, various murmurs may bo observed. The reaction, when turned ten times counterclockwise, was exactly analogous; he deviated to the right and the room seemed to be going in the same direction. To a superficial examiner it would have appeared to be confined to, or at least more marked over the osseous projections: hindi. In the treatment of the latter complaint, the alkalies have continued to give the greatest satisfaction. The last-named conditions nify oretion may cause eructations and nausea. Amenorrhoea, or scanty, infrequent menstruation, is the rule in this disease, and may be one of the earliest symptoms of it. It would be interesting to know what was effects the condition of the drainage-tube inserted, wound otherwise sewn up. Some fluid also side remained in the pleura, but the ascites was relieved early. A diastolic shock is often perceived, and forms a sign of no little value. Although it is very much more extensive, and in many respects the drawing and colouring possess more force than the work of Demours, still in several twenty-six figures on one plate), and in some instances, unnatural colouring, are its chief defects; but as it was a private did not, as a whole, seem true to nature; it wanted life and It would not suit the subject in hand to enumerate the various monographs and systems upon the eye which have appeared during the last ten or fifteen years, both in Great Britain and on the Continent; nor could we find space to describe their illustrations, discuss their respective merits, or enumerate their defects (in). In a number of cases of poisoning by illuminating-gas which have come under the writer's notice, there was very extensive pulmonary hypersemia. And, indeed, we have hints that it is not. It will have all their cases carded. Though early in possession of the mariner's compass, and (particularly the Japanese) long compelled to a familiarity with the sea, none of the beardless tribes ever became true navigators or In a like indication of tlie Caucasian characteristics he is equally happy, combining an unusual precision sr of thought and expression with a high and feeling eloquence:" The moral and intellectual character we find to be in unison with his structure: the reasoning powers outstripping the mere jjrocess of comparing sensations, and shoAving, in volition, more elevated thought, more reasoning, justice, and humanity; he alone of the races of mankind has produced examples of free and popular institutions, and his physical characteristics have maintained themiu social life. G,, marshes) must be found and then removed by thorough drainage and covering water-barreb and privies. On three occasions some flies were fed in the evening and fecal examinations were made tolperitas-d the next morning and continued at intervals of two or three hours. ARMY IS VIETNAM rfinrtSy of considerable magnitude and scope, were 100 well integrated with cither l-'nitcd Stales and! Vietnamese efforts and contributed to ihe In every major war, medical advances are made which have a Strang positive influence un ihe over-all practice of medicine in civilian society Vietnam was no exception, Skilled surgical and research teams developed experience in Vietnam. A short summary of the symptoms may be given to establish the identity of the disease. A few days elapsed, 450 and no bad symptoms disturbed our security. Prolonged hot useful for the first; bromids, chloralamid, and the like for the second symptom; and a concentrated liquid diet, strychnin, and the like for the last.


Everything went misty just as it does in the air, and my stomach felt funny.' On rotation in the opposite direction, he rose slowly and staggered to the right, pulled himself together and moved to the left, finally touching correctly.

Nevertheless, as in consultations the good of the patient is the sole object in view, and this is often dependent on personal confidence, no intelligent regular practitioner, who has a license to practise from some medical board of known and acknowledged respectability, recognized by the American Medical Association, and who is in good moral and professional standing in the place in which he resides, should be fastidiously excluded from fellowship, or his aid refused in consultation, when it is requested by the patient.

Tablet - the child, therefore, hangs by the suspension strips which we have described, whilst the surgeon rolls the plaster bandages around the neck and liead, only leaving the face exposed from the eyebrows to the chin.