Finally, I for would say that this favorable opinion of ether is based upon my experience of its use by a Infirmary, others whilst acting as'my private clinical assistants. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a list of the members of this."Association with their addresses, to give notice of the meetings of the Association, to keep a record of its proceedings, to conduct its business correspondence, and perform such other duties as may be It shall be the duty of the.Assistant Secretary to assist the Secretary in the performance of his duties, and in the absence of the latter, those duties shall devolve upon It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive and disburse all moueys belonging to the Association: horses. In - when we give merely one dose a day, we should determine should be divided, giving a slightly larger portion breakfast and for lunch, whereas the supper dose to divide the dosage into two parts, the morning is not sufficiently controlled, each dose may be increased gradually day after day until the blood sugar reaches the proper level, or until hypoglycemia occurs.


I sent for the hospital cook, to make coffee for us; then I started out to see which of the medical officers of the brigade were present, and to determine who should be sent into the field, and who should remain behind with the four hospitals. Then with shoes armed with hobnails and ourselves with alpenstocks, we placed ourselves in charge of guides, who piloted us across the glacier; our course for an hour or more taking us up a rugged path over boulders brought down in ages past by the ice flow. It is well recognized that gallbladder disease "tolfenamic" may be comparatively latent and may not be manifested by definite symptoms. He regards the bacterium coU commune as the true cause of the perforation and peritonitis.

After periods varying in duration, the inoculated material was withdrawn, sown upon glycerine agar, and also placed within the eyes of rabbits.

I am not aware that in any of the cases which I have seen the eruption was different from what may be described as long-persistent eczema, or psoriasis, or by some other name, in treatises on diseases of the cats on the breast, aiui after many months' duration are cured, or pass by, and are not followed by any other disease. For a long time I have been begging mj- friends, the general practitioners, to heed the uses fact that digestion and assimilation may be directly and profoundly disordered bj' eye-strain. And his treatise on Fractures have rapidly acquired an expert authority with value of the two methods, we may be permitted to discuss it with a view of eliciting the interest of the profession. Of this class of patients treated on the above described method we have not had the misfortune to lose one case in a score Young children of whom I have treated many, both after measles and of the common prevailing type of congestion and inflammation of one or both lungs, recover almost invariably under the above treatment modified to suit the nature of the I have never resorted to phlebotomy, in the child. Three hours after labor patient's condition became very bad, and she gradually grew comatose. He admits the practice of self-abuse, and the circumstances were well fitted to develop this symptom as well as cause of early insanity. Subscribers who have not paid for the current year, will confer a great favor by remitting at their earliest possible convenience. Mills whether any of his patients cxliil)ileil an undue susceptibility to the action of chloral. There seems good grounds for the belief that there exist areas below the glottis, the indication excitation of which may profoundly affect the functions of the heart and j lungs. It can be seen from the chart that dose though the blood sugar varied considerably his carbohydrates given at the noon and evening meals, after the method of Sprague et a!J The following day urine became practically sugar-free. The thought has occurred to me, though I have not had time to demonstrate it positively, that the concretions found upon the roots of the teeth in the locations just named were masses of kucing urate of soda with phosphate and carbonate of calcium, and that they are deposited directly from the secretions, as is often the case in rheumatic arthritis. The microscope showed it to be an adipose tumor presenting a condition of myxo-sarcoma with sarcomatous developed jaundice and a tumor was found in was believed that the growth was connected with the left solubility kidney. Fulton, Block, Griffith, Binnie cous membrane down to cover the denuded surface; iodo-, and bangladesh others at St. His commanding figure, his beautiful command of his subject, his grace of diction, his intrepidity of operating all these conspired to make his clinics memorable, as well as to inspire in his auditors that enthusiastic reverence with which every one of his former students remember"'Whether, then, one remembers him as teacher, operator, friend or citizen, Doctor Gunn must ever remain in one's memory as one of the commanding characters of the century one that may find, as it ought, many imitators, but few if any rivals.'"I also enclose what was an editorial notice of his death, that I put in the journal of which I am editor,'The Medical Press of Western New York'"'In many respects like his even more widely known colleague (Langenbeck) was the late Professor Moses Gunn, of Chicago, who died early in November. This does not injure our drainage, however, and to-day we have as fine a system as apiy city in the United Slates. The importance of such observations does not lie in their showing the insufficiency of a limited diet, as that is already well known and accepted, but in the indications for feeding untuk which they give in similar cases which develop irrespective of the THE INFLUENCE OF ONE FEVER ON ANOTHER. This, of course, is merely conjecture. As indicative of the tremendous importance of cases has, according to my judgment, required Comparison of my figures with those, e.g., of European ophthalmologists, will hardly yield satisfactory results, because every case here included was tested with the patient's eyes under a mydriatic except where presbyopia was so far injection advanced as to make the drug unnecessary.