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In the last two conditions the sounds appear to be deep, in consequence of imperfectly conducting materials intervening between the heart and the parietes of the chest. On the whole, it ha.s been my observation that a haemorrhage of the bowel is, in a majority of cases, beneficial to the patient and that a marked improvement usually begins at this time. This disturbing influence may reach the vasomotor centre through various channels, as, for instance, by direct irritation of the sympathetic nerves in abdominal operations; by crushing injury to the reviews skeletal nerves, as in railroad injuries; and through the medium of the brain, as in sudden fright. The defense maintains that Rice died a natural death, that Jones's testimony was not to be relied upon, that the congestion of the lungs could not he construed as evidence of the inhalation of chloroform, and that the vapor of chloroform is not irritating, and that the general condition of the patient, as shown both by the testimony of the pliysician in charge of the case and by the results of the autopsy, warrant the belief that jock he died of natural causes.

This also applied, though in a less marked degree, to glucose in the liver and in the muscles (cinactive). In order to make this examination satisfactorily, the abdomen should be properly exposed, and the patient placed in an appropriate position.


One of these cases was complicated with caries of the metatarsal bone. Has extended to middle of the thighs; legs ingredients weak; aching pains from sacrum to spinal region, and rest in bed.

It would side be much better to take the shoes off altogether, and then the foot, with use, would naturally wear away.

PRECAUTIONS: As with other effective nitrates, powder some fall in blood pressure may Caution should be observed in administering the drug to patients with a history of recent cerebral hemorrhage, because of fhe vasodilatation which occurs in the area. The left side of the body is itch more vulnerable, possibly because the valves of the heart on this side are more easily damaged. They tend to express themselves in action. INJURIES TO, AND DERANGEMENTS AND DISEASES OF, THE DIGESTIVE ORGANS. It is only by carefully THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL examining in a routine manner aM injuries in the region of the wrist, that errors will be avoided. Later there is a generalized cerebrospinal meningitis.

" A histological examination practised every month for nearly two years by Professor Retterer upon testicles grafted by Dr.

" In many cases, as Laennec has observed, a bronchitis shall exist through the whole course of a fever, yet so slight as to merit little notice. Memphis ships the largest amount, one of its manufacturers In the South the consumption of cream cream is small. Spray - referred to: Reference Committee B WHEREAS, The public aid situation in the State of Illinois has deteriorated into chaos; and WHEREAS, Dr.

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