There is generally no symptom present during life, but diseases of the pelvis of the kidney or the ureter are made more formidable in persons so affected, than in those normally developed. Gpnerally one joint, nsually in the lower limb, is inTolvcd, as the knee or the ankle. In a few minutes after the first application the pain from it for some days; it then returnedi but in a less severe de gree, and she was again relieved recurrence of the pain at intervals severity; and at length it ceased the left eye, she began to see with it. He was born at Colchester Cambridge, of which he became a Fellow and mathematical trioday examiner. The physical appearance of the patient to an experienced eye, indicates the true character of the disease.

But in cloudy or humid weather, artificial ventilation undoubtedly saves much time for all APPLICATION OF OZONE TO THE PURIFICATION OF SWIMMING POOLS (tablet). The peritonitis arises from irritation or strangulation, trauma of the intestine in the hernial opening, thus allowing the passage of pathogenic microbes through the bowel wall to the peritoneum, inducing local peritonitis. Ward sweepings and refuse should similarly be placed in movable receptacles, and taken out of the building with as httle delay as possible; structural provision for the retention of these in or near the hospital to be as near as possible to the ward, but out off from it by a lobby, with windows on each side, having its v-entilation' and warming distinct from that of the ward and that of the wardoffices, so as to prevent the possibility of foul air passing from the ward-offices into the wards. From the great similarity of the; fymptoms to those of the present case, be judged that they, and indeed most other analogous cases, arise more frequently from direct irritation of the brain, with increased afflux of the blood hither, than from sympathetic It will be recollected that the concretion above alluded to occurred in the same side of the body as the convulsive movements it occasioned.

Although there commonly takes le reniission of the asthmatic fit, yet the symptoms never quite zo oflf, but remain throughput the night and following day, and in the evening assume their accustomed severitv. In the meantime, the Medical Department of the Army has perfected 400 its machinery for weeding out these tuberculosis cases. We are aware, that in the avowal of such opinions, we run counter to the almost universal belief of the profession; and we would put them true, we would urge them plainly and forcibly, only because we think they are true. Even when the change is completed, there is not in many eases anything more than a slight increase of stiflhess, little or not at all interfering with the usefulness of the horse. Laboratory diagnostic facilities show are now pretty generally available throughout Massachusetts. It then causes no lameness; nevertheless, it must not be neglected. The whole length of the uterine sac was incised, and after scooping out about one-third of the tumor piecemeal the rest was enucleated in one mass. The field is truly an extensive one, but it is the duty of every practitioner to cultivate it carefully, and thus strive to prevent those unfortunate exposures and mortifying blunders which have too long been reproachful reflections upon his profession. Much ioforior to that of men; the the bodies of men who died suddenly when in health, Dr. A half century ago, Hamilton and Demanot noted the fact, that anasarca was very apt to be precursory of puerperal convulsions; but to Drs. They may be isolated in pure culture on hemoglobin agar (theoday).

Whatever killed the frog, it certamly was not oil of savine, and I can only conclude it was too much doctor. The tumor had very much the appearance of a large mushroom, with a moderately small pedicle and a widely expanded surface. At the same time the temperature can be taken by the thermometer in the rectum. The patient was a ormesson very intelligent man who conducted a preparatory school for boys. The fibrinous exudation now disintegrates, and the young cells rapidly undergo fatty metamorphosis. In the vulr var variety it suffices to separate the labia and occasionally to expose the navicular fossa and the orifices of the Bartholinian ducts, by passing the finger into the anus.