Hughes; Hog Cholera Serum and Its Use, M. In the interior of one was a little adherent slough. On microscojnc examination the paler streaks are found to consist hindi of mucus and pus corpuscles. Coincident with the dysmenorrhceal development she had a most severe and prolonged attack of inflammatory rheumatism, which left her with partial anchylosis at the hip joints, so that in going up stairs she was compelled She consulted physicians in Chicago, St. It resembles them in its sudden onset, in its pyrexia, its definite course, and its limited duration; but in the vast majority of cases it is sporadic and idiopathic. Kennedy, John Tracey Indianapolis, Ind. The disease had lasted a powder year.

Other localizations of diphtheria have been seen in the oesophagus, the stomach, perhaps the intestines, but freq ently the anus: 500. As we all know," clubbed nails" are still held by many to be indicative of various thoracic lesions: uses.

That a prolapsus should very rarely, if ever, be attacked from the abdomen, but a combination interposition vaginal hysterectomy should usually be used and in these cases having followed such a procedure we may expect relief and a most grateful patient. In the majority of cases no other change besides this intense redness is perceptible in the mucous membrane, but sometimes it appears both thickened and softened; and on one occasion in which a fatal attack of acute bronchitis supervened on a long continuance of the chronic stage of the disease, the bronchial mucous membrane was intensely red, and so thickened as to have an almost villous appearance, and closely to resemble red velvet. Its aspect is unhealthy, its color a skin grayish-yellow. There is a small opening above the joint discharging synovia, extending three or four inches up the thigh, apparently full of synovia. The doctor sent his nephew to the Adirondacks where he made such marked improvement that in a few months he considered himself nearly well. Thomas was called upon to respond for the alumni. In time of war, when there is a scarcity of troops, men are selected without too close a reference to stature NEGLECT OF ARMY MEDICAL STATISTICS.

Tablet - i attempted to draw some blood, but the vein soon collapsed, after a very little was detracted. For instance, the tincture of nux vomica represents one-tenth part crude drug. Terbest - "What are the indications for China in this disease? in the gall-bladder; the colic; the periodicity of its recurrence, though the periods of its return are often very unequal and irregular; also the yellowness of the skin and of the conjunctiva; the constipated state of the bowels; the scybalated character of the dark, greenish stools, the scybala varying in size from that of the largest nutmeg to that of sheep-dung, and even smaller than the" Can this colic be distinguished from others T" I have gained confidence in the following means of diagnosis: extended. In soft tousils the connective tissue is much price less abundant. Very rarely indeed in does a tumor arise within the tubes, sometimes causes thickening in certain parts, which by bulging gives rise to a wddely diffused infiltration of the walls with a corresponding reduction of the calibre over an extensive area.


Quite a number of such cases will be benefited by lying practically all the time on the side of the diseased lung, thus giving it partial rest while the good lung does most of the work of breathing. By means of the laryngoscope we find normal vigorous movements of the larynx (use).