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We are rather proud of the advance that we are supposed to be making along many lines in science and scholarship, and yet over and over again, after years of work, we prove to have been following a wrong lead and must come back to where we started. Under this treatment, children 100 presented a marked diminution in the frequency of the paroxysms, and the duration of the disease was shortened. Stomatitis with a trifling amount of salivation teflon began on the third day. If surgeons would care better for these tissues we would soon know a great deal more about the histo-pathology of neoplasms of the pituitary Dr. A crystallisable substance obtained, together with sugar, by moderately heating convolvulic acid with dilute acids or with emulsin. It excites the vagus; the brain and spinal cord are either not at all or only secondarily affected. There was much speculation during the Middle Ages, but probably not any more in proportion than exists at the present day. It is said to be a purgative in doses of seven or eight of lard, it is used in psoriasis, pityriasis, and tinea tonsurans. The contractions of the vesicle will force the pus up the v;is. TJie bowels are generally constipated, but may be loose, and in rare cases the faeces may be passed involuntarily.

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Three days later, skin grafts are removed from the thigh and placed on the under surface of the flap.

The anaemic necrosing patches in the liver may arise through some toxic substance wliicli forms in the blood, so as to act first on the walls of the vessels, as shown by the detactiment of patches of the endothelium: temolon. (Sometimes there is charles a delay No. It may be produced by a violent blow. It gives off" buds which form new corms Cor'meille. It "templon" is lined with cylindric epithelium and marked by numerous rugae. They accompany the optic nerve, divide into about twenty branches, which penetrate the sclerotic round the entrance of the optic nerve, and supply the nerve and the sclerotic, as weU as the posterior part of C. The irritation arises from the action of indigestible food upon the cardiac branches of the vagus, and is reflected to the pulmonary branches of the same nerves. In one case there was no growth, and this was probably due to delay in getting the culture tube over to the laboratory.

They may, on the other hand, continue with irregular abatements for a number of years, and then give place to a disease of a different type.

Miscarriages at six pain in the lower abdomen, during which she fainted. It had been perfectly smooth, but had recently become fungating upon the posterior surface. TJNCEETAINTY IN MEDICINE, AND THE GROUNDS OF A RATIONAL OPINION. After a quarter of an hour it gradually ceased (use).