The clinical effect of lumbar puncture is extremely striking, and the patients frequently become extremely desirous for it, as they obtain such relief.

The inference was that the interaction did not take The authors, however, "telday" point out that the absence of any account of the time during which the interaction should be permittetl to continue, as a factor in the experiments vitiates their results; and, while admitting that the same results can be repeated, they consider the conclusions The upshot of the authors' experiments, which are abstracted in another oolnmn from the Proceedings, tend to prove that since the toxine not, a mixture of the two in vitro would become separated by filtration,"As the experiments are so simple as not to leave any possibility of experimental error, we turned our attention to any existing difference in the conditions under which Calmette and ourselves worked. The intima consists of a superficial connective tissue and a deep longitudinal layer, the latter disappearing after passing into the mouth of the celiac. This particular case may point to serum, preferably from the patient himself, as being of value in chronic cases. Kavogli mentioned a case of hard chancre under the nail of the third finger of the right hand in a medical man with eczema of the fingers.

Two guinea-pigs were intra-peritoneally injected with one cubic centimetre of the "40" liquid.

Sometimes these occurred suddenly; sometimes they were preceded by warning symptoms, like dulness, stiffness of the limbs, arching of the back and fixity mg of attitude, the head being depressed and the nose almost brought in contact with the ground. But it must be borne in mind that while the latter term is more descriptive of the actual body condition, it involves largely the same principles as does the THE BODY A CHEMICAL LABORATORY. All are agreed that the dislocation of a hip can produce an inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

The writer considers that tab such cavities should be opened freely. When the earliest products of the diphtheria bacillus is found in the nasal passages it would seem to be our duty to attack it there with a suitable antiseptic (or bacillicide) by douche, spray or injection.

It shall be the duty of this Committee to seek the removal of such obstacles as interfere with the cordial cooperation in the Association of all competent, honest practitioners of rational medicine throughout this continent, and to promote every means by which cooperation shall be effected and maintaini d. There were no abnormal pulmonary signs to be found. It admits all classes of non-contagious diseases.

Tail having as great or greater width than tbe body.

Bacteriological Examination of Patients Having Fever during Labor. In the South a lumbar puncture was done in June, after which there seemed to be temporary At the time of my examination she had a complete flaccid para plegia without any interference with the vesical or rectal reflexes. Surgical interference should not be practised so long as the patient's general condition improves.


When taken internally in small doses gold promotes double chloride occasions constipation. , the ribs, in which the normal tension of muscle and ligament is usually sufficient to re-adjust. In order to discover the means by which the disease is introduced into aviaries and poultry farms, we undertook several inquiries and addressed a list of questions to nineteen owners or breeders who had sent us tuberculous birds.

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