This operation is the one most frequently required, but any persistent contact of surfaces in the nose that ought not to touch will certaiidy cause trouble, and must be relieved. Inoculations into the soft structures of the feet of hens caused acute inflammation, which gradually subsided after a few days.

Duchenne the younger, of Roger and Damaschiiio, and of others whose ability for the task could not be gainsaid, infantile paralysis must be acknowledged to be a well M. De Watteville, Kingussie, Dr H. The most important of his productions as an author are"General and Descriptive Anatomy of Domestic Animals,""Farmers' Veterinary Adviser" and the"Text Book of Veterinary Metlicine," consisting of five volumes. Foster and Douglas, of New York, and Drs. The frequency with which this dilated duodenum is found in cases of ileal stasis is not yet fully determined, and some writers are doubtful of its existence. Contrast angiography was used to identify the location of the renal and hypogastric arteries.

Six grains represent one entire gland. Neither will I believe that two drachms or eight grammes, if properly administered, will kill a healthy man. Many of your predecessors have inj entered the Medical Department of the Army and Navy; the Indian Medical Service has attracted others. Doubtless the supervision and help of demonstrators will remedy this defect; but we think the book would be still more valuable than it is if it contained a little more instruction in this respect. There does not appear to be much functional element in the case. Our committee unanimously expressed its high regard for the Journal and felt that it meets a distinct need for members of the Utah To the Editor: The Western Journal of Medicine holds a unique position among the current publications in that it gives the western region of the country a special forum for publications. Never wash the sore and swollen ankles with water or suds, but keep them as dry 20mg as possible.

One knew that, on occasion, it had sprung up in village communities, in which no evidence of overcrowding had been forthcoming.

I quote from his letter in reply:" Shall I who, even in the morning of my days, sought the lowly and sequestered paths of life, the valley and not the mountain; shall I, now the evening is fast approaching, hold myself up as an object for fortune and for fame? Admitting that it is a certainty that I obtaia both, what stock should I add to my little fund of happiness? My fortune, with what flows in from my profes.siou, is suflkient to gratify mj' wishes; indeed, so limited is my ambition, and that of my nearest connections, that were I precluded from future practice, I should be enabled to obtain all I want. The brief remarks on and just published, are not a bit too strong, and it is to be hoped they will not fail to arouse the attention of our lueiliaU teachei-s. The amendment was then put and lost. There was not enough to go around, and division on a basis of equality, according to needs, was attempted, but did not work price out very satisfactorily. At twenty degrees the paper showed a few slight indentations under the points at which the powder-grains had struck the cloth, as it lay immediately upon the paper, yet the latter showed no dark stain, although long black marks appeared upon the clotli, where the grains had glanced along its surface. In the case under consideration, therefore, it is possible that the infection was carried to the hen by sparrows.

The use of petroleum or liquid paraffin is of great value as a mechanical lubricant in many of these cases. All communications for the Editor, and all books for review, should be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal All letters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscription, or advertising department of this Journal should be addressed to the undersigned.

A thin bony partition existed just at the posterior choana, and it was easily broken through with a curette. Hyde said not disclosing that physicians may have a financial incentive to withhold care.


He retii'cd from the active pursuit of chemistry after the new views had prevailed over the hypothesis of phlogiston: synject-20. A glance at the number of entries this year shows that Cambridge is now one of the largest "injection" medical schools in England. Physicians will not be required to sign participating agreements for KCHIP patients, but may see them on an"as chosen" basis. Consequently, any increase in the serum concentration of unmetabolized terfenadine increases the risk of QT prolongation and, therefore, serious cardiac arrhythmias. Sutton, the Actu:u-y to the Registry of Friendly Societies, it appears that the average time of sickness among males during the working years is days each in each year; and that among females it is yet a small fraction more.

Farmers are finding the tractor a valuable supplement to the horse on farms adapted to its use.