On closer inspection, however, it proved that the sinus walls had not been perforated, but that the openings were simply those normally connecting with the veins, and parasinoidal spaces. The fees which have been collected by the Health Officer are altogether out of proportion to the public or professional services rendered, and should be abolished. The medical history of the war shows that injury to the ear is rather a favorite mode of malingering because not so readily suspected as other self-inflicted lesions, or perhaps because lesions affecting the ear are more apt to procure the desired furlough or discharge from military service. Goodman, White, and Black flitted through his brain.


To one accustomed to think of acute articular rheumatism in the terms of the stereo typed description, the occurrence of abdominal symptoms not only appears with a startling freshness, but the idea of an abdominal operation seems bizarre. With regard to 60 the diagnosis the past history and the thread test pointed to a duodenal ulcer. Of course interiorly it, as well as all those in the market, has for its general principle about the same construction of a platinum hood or mantle, over which passes the vapour of methyl alcohol (wood alcohol) while the hood is heated to incandescence, producing the formaldehyde vapour.

Progressed, involving "solotrate" lower lobe of the left lung. Starling Loving, Secretary of the" Convention of Medical Colleges," read a report of the meetings of that body colleges were reprusented by delegates from faculty, or trnatees, medical colleges require three regular courses of lectures, in three separate years, as one of the requiremeuts for conferring such examination embracing, at least, the elements of the physical sciences, in addition to a fair English education? It was agreed that with such a representation any general or binding action on these, or other questions, was impossible.

The fragments on the left will bind antigen (Fab fragment) and the fragment on the right is crystallizable (Fc fragment). The cause of mg such sympathetic stimulation is sometimes traceable to hygienic or dietetic variations, sometimes to acute or chronic disease processes, and not infrequently to psychic and emotional disturbances. Culture in agar made from the blood, spleen juice; and pus in joints, and after twenty-four hours in thermostat the usual delicate streptococcus growth obtained (sr). (The cure was calculated according to the return of working capacity of the individual and years. Then from the surrounding country would creep into that town several faint-hearted, greedy slackers, gladly leaving the precarious pickings on which they had been living in the country to fatten on the practices left by the patriots.

Since admission he has had epistaxis, and some o'dema of the legs, a moderate ascites, a feljrile movement of slight intensity, and for a few days a severe diarrhu-a. Hemorrhage, which may be regarded as ti'.ric. It appears from his statistics that the younger the patient the greater the probability of success. By July Kith the perineal wound had contracted consideralily, anil the patient then was taken into the country, where he leg.iined strength so rapidly, that after one week's sojourn he was alile to wtilk out and take Sea-baths. A linger was next inserted into the wound to enlarge still furtlier the opening and explore the cavity of tlie abscess, which the re.ach of the finger; its opposite wall, however, was reached by tlie end of the finger, but nothing delinite was ascertained by it. The circumference of the thigh over the and femoral artei-y skirted over its inner margin. The temperature and pulse were variable and were valueless as signs. In the inferior vena cava the blood carried by the hepatic veins and ductus venosus mixes with the blood which has circulated through the lower extremities. The medical jirofession has long been agreed concerning tlie advisability of such measures, and the Board of Education and the Legislature are sure of its active sympathy in their laudable efforts towards NEW YORK COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY. The fact that these sums are now available signifies that these 30 philanthropists charged the dear public a tidy sum for services rendered. The indications for operation are: the typical story, the physical findings, loss of weight and failure to improve under medical treatment.

The forceps was then introduced, and a number of efforts made to disengage the foreign body, but with no avail, and as far as lithotomy patient, however, expressed himself much relieved days after, several hemonhagcs occurred; these were FIIlUO-llECl'RIlENT TUMOIl OF GLUTEAL IlEC.IOr. Medicine - twice, w r e have had occasion to use coramine and have contention that the administration of prolonged narcosis by temporarily obliterating the mental processes, is accompanied by some changes in the cytoplasm which apparently produces an actual, definite and positive symptomatic effect.

Santesson believes a new salt is formed by this combination, and is so confident of this that he has adopted the new name of chinopyrin.

We have thought it important to give the carefully reasoned opinion of Sir Henry Thompson, as entitled to every consideration, both from the careful thought it evidences, and the vast expei'ience which entitles him to speak with authority. It is well known, when pure and dry, to be a perfect non-conductor, and, as an observant natural philosopher has observed, that" from air itself, not the smallest particle of electric matter ever comes; for there is reason to think that air, independent of the substances with which it is impregnated, is unable to furnish an atom of this matter, and it is conjectured that pure air and electricity are actually incapable of uniting." The earth, on the contrary, to proceed with my own subject, is known to be a good conductor, and an inexhaustible reservoir of this subtle agent, whilst water is even a better one, and from its readily assuming a gaseous form, yet retaining this original property, it constitutes the principal vehicle by to its original constitution; and is the medium through which are displayed the sensible phenomena, attending those exhibitions of electrical disturbances that accompany almost every change of the weather.