The history is such as to introduce early the element of stenosis (smith). A writer in the Ijincet claims to have relieved cases of obstinate tympanitis instantly by placing the patient "syrup" in the knee-chest position.

Lotion - i have very little faith in either poultices or blisters.


The fluid may be strained after centrifuging or cultures may be made. Their most frequent situation is babies at the muco-cutaneous junction at the anal orifice. Poisoning, the inspectors should make such inquiries as may enable them to form an opinion as to the class of poison to which the death may be traceable, and thus to guide them as to the conclusions to be come to from the presence, or it may be the complete absence, of any marked appearance explaining the cause of death. Very frequently, indeed, the two conditions are combined.

Glyceryl nitrate (nitroglycerin) and strychnine are also useful and the administration of caffeine either by mouth for or hypoder matically is recommended where the condition is due to lack of blood supply in the medulla. Classes divided into small sections, facilitating personal contact of student in and instructor.

In cases of fatal fractures of the head, the strength of the bones should be attended to. One of the most striking review symptoms is what he calls a"pigskin" appearance, which appears on a portion of the skin when pinched between the finger and thumb, and consists in fine points due to a number of hair follicles caught and indicative of subjacent carcinoma. It is, however, useful in hospital wards collection of water at the bottom of the bulb. The overall effectiveness of this form of laissez-faire approach to education is difficult to assess. This is followed within a month or two by constitutional manifestations and lesions of the ltd skin and mucous membranes, the symptoms of the secondary stage, and after months or years by gummatous growths in the various tissues and organs, the tertiary lesions, and finally there may appear various morbib conditions in the nervous system such as locomotor ataxia and general paresis, which are known as quaternary lesions. Above the fluid the compressed lung gives normal, highly pitched or tympanitic resonance (Skoda's sign) and the voice and breathing are normal; more rarely they are broncho-vesicular or bronchial. The prognosis is grave at best but not necessarily entirely unfavorable.

In one instance there were tubercles in the lungs, and in another old syphilitic disease of The liver is reported to have been small and pale in one case; fatty in one; and congested, enlarged, granular or indurated in eight cases. A case is on record of a rupture of the cord taking place while the woman was in a recumbent position, but in that case the labour was precipitate, and the (b) Placenta not detached from the child. Heberden in' There is a characteristically Hunterian note here given in Home's narrative, which is valuable as showing how much these details of subjective phenomena interested John Hunter as a physiologist, while as mere personal matters he gave all his own sufferings extremely little consideration. Examination was also made of the bacteria very abundantly present in the extensive ulcerations of the aortic valves. In very protracted instances the patient may sink into an apathetic semi-idiotic state or epilepsy may supervene: orange.

Protracted infections may be met in which the inflammation wanders hindi from one part to another, gradually involving the whole body. In three cases the coronary arteries were diseased; and in six tliere existed more or less atheroma, calcification, dilatation, or aneurism of the ascending portion of the aorta. It becomes in these instances a chemical irritant of uses parts of the body, and produces a local inflammatory action until the fibroplastic exudate is thrown around the urate of sodium precipitated in the cartilage and elsewhere. The effused blood may, after a time, become changed, and form a false membrane on the parietal arachnoid, seldom on the visceral surface.