Wadsworth: Not an inconsiderable number of patients complained of infra- and supra-orbital pain, but there seemed to be no especial affection of the eyes in the cases I saw.

Robert Auuk, of New York, said the members should no! be daunted by a mortality of ton per cent., as in the next hundred cases it would he much less. Antipyrine has a wonderful effect in reducing temperature. Those cities which ultima had the largest mortality from this disease were supplied by a highly suspicious quality of drinking water. A Journal of Medicine, Surgery, anil Allied Sciences, published at Boston, weekly, by the undersigned. Had had verj profuse haemorrhages at Hot Springs, Arkansas, and was sent home, considered hopeless; had lost fifty-five pounds from his regular weight, which was above normal for hi- size; was coughing a great deal night and day: expectorated a thick, yellowish matter, loaded with the bacilli of tuberculosis and other microbes, tablet and was rapidly losing ground. Cooper remarks that the position is" much more to the inner side than is usual in this dislocation, as the head of the bone is more frequently placed to the outer side of the femoral artery." In the fourth case, the head lay under the artery, stopping the pulsation, as already described.

There is increased intraocular tension, the pupil is immobile and dilated, and the iris is changed in hue.

, the inner antero-lateral and less highly developed vertebrates.

When confronted with such a severe poisoning as this case represents, one mode of treatment is frequently not the answer, and at some time during the case additional or perhaps all of the known drugs or methods may he tried. This is first shown by interference with the articulation of those sounds whose production depends mainly on movement of the lips (p, b,f, v, m, o, u).

Three beneficiaries were removed by death, and five now receive income from other sources and no their families, and otie is the daughter of a deceased The committee received nine new requests for aid from the Fund; seven from physicians and two from four were withdrawn; one was rejected, and one physician died before an investigation could be completed. In mild cases vomiting does not often occur, and it is an unusual symptom in chronic gastritis complicating atonic gastrectasia.


In Pittsburgh with the Local Coordinating Committee and agreed to submit certain kinds of cases for review by e.xisting committees functioning under the Pennsylvania Program. James" proffered his services, and joined the army, which marched from Philadelphia to suppress the disturbance in the western counties of Pennsylvania, which is known as the"Whiskey Insurrection." He joined the expedition in the capacity of Surgeon of"McPherson's Blues," a corps d'elite of young gentlemen, who had promptly tendered their services at the request of their President (500). And an ex-officio memher, without the right to vote, of the Executive Committee and all standing committees, except the Committee he a voting memher of the Iffiard of Directors and of the Executive Committee and an exofficio memher of all standing committees, excejit the Committee on Xominations. Sino - although delighted with the study, yet I dislike the practice, and had not acquired sufficiently comprehensive views of its value and great importance as an object of research.

Objectively, even in these cases the expectoration decreased and the subjective condition improved.

Louis, Mo., was born at Chancellorsville, and Dorothea J: plus.

For an abdominal electrode a plate of copper, covered with punk is substituted for Apostoli's clav electrode.