In cases of intermittent retention, rapidly occurring and disappearing, pain is a prominent symptom.

Mk.KTINO AT NkW I-ONDON, REMOVAL OK STEEL EKO.M THE VlTltEOL'S WltU THE The writer had previously reported six cases treated by this method.

The probe grated over the projecting edge, making as little impression as it would drawn over the edge of a bowlder. Suppose the horse is down on the right side.


I have before me a section of kidney which I have examined microscopically and assume to be very like the inaccessible organs of my patient The interstitial connective tissue is greatly in excess encroaching upon and breaking down the parenchyma. Arsenic is occasionally an excellent substitute, and one or other of them should be administered in all instances of tension and activity of the cajiillary circulation under the influence of digitalis hasten the interstitial lymph flow and favor resorption of the fluid. On inflating the stomach with carbonic-acid gas the organ stands out with great prominence, and the lesser and greater curvatures are seen, the latter extending perhaps a hand's breadth below the level of the navel (composition).

Do not let the child drink- much liquid at 500mg night. If the disease is infectious, the secretary of the company must be at once informed, who will indicate the measures to be taken. Other such instances have been reported by Bolduan The assumption of intermediate human carriers is amply justified b)' the discovery that meningococci are often present in the nose or throat of persons who have been associated with cases of meningitis, but are themselves free from meningitic symptoms. Air alone in the pleural cavity, dosage to which the term pneumothorax is strictly applicalile. I never saw anything like it before. It can travel far and fast, aud I think it quite probable that the house-fly can be the means of transporting to food from exposed typhoid stools the tyjihoid bacilli, aud the practical promptly and thoroughly disinfect the stools so that they shall not be a source of danger. Holsten's paper, he says relating to the action of sulphide of calcium, I certainly agree, I have never found benefit from its use. Of these, those of first importance are the disturbances of the alimentary tract: the taste is abnormal; the tongue is coated or denuded; there is anorexia, thirst, nausea; gases develop in the stomach or intestines; there is diarrhoea or constipation; gastric or intestinal haemorrhage. There is complete divergent strabismus of left eye; no other muscles of that eye affected. The ease with which the weight of the trunk can be transferred from one extremity to the other not only makes this a posture which can be retained a long time without undue fatigue, but renders it favorable to the making of gestures and the use of the voice. Aunals of Surgery, September, James P.

In a certain number of cases syphilis is present, usually congenital.

On the contrary, pain was greatly intensified. At the present day they were not used nearly so much as formerly. There may ct be no pain or any of the ordinary features of ulcer. The vessel wall, as a rule, thickened. The student neither while attending lectures nor while in his preceptor's office was encouraged in anything like faithful and rigid study. In some instances it is more or less urinous in character, but in most cases it is pus. In hemoptysis some of the blood blood may 250 trickle into the stomach, from which it is ejected.

Upon retiring at night apply warm wet cloths stalcal to the lower part of the abdomen. If no attention is paid to these symptoms and the patient does nothing to relieve the heat, sudden unconsciousness comes on, 500 sometimes preceded by convulsions.

A slight mucoid exudation tablet covers the parts. Should be boiled in water and placed in a hd bag and tied tightly.