It was believed by Criie that the former was the cause, and that it developed because of a universal dilatation of the arterioles brought about by exhaustion of the tone of the vasoconstrictor center. Going by rail to Baltimore one is there able to catch every Wednesday morning either the steamship Broohline benefits or Barnstable, of the United Fruit Company's fleet, which make the voyage in a little over four days. Indeed it is one of the most common of the chronic cardiac disorders in man. Waters of very different qualities are used to quench thirst in different localities, and custom seems to render them harmless. They os rarely use alcoholic liquors to excess. Among the noted speakers were the two famous English surgeons, Sir Robert Jones and Sir Anthony Bowlby, whose addresses and work were followed with close attention: effects. Briggs, Health Officer, Bufi'alo; Stephen Smith, State Board of Health, New York; H (ct). As the pulse may be lowered by an approaching rigor, so it may be reduced in frequency by the presence of nausea. Others are in all stages of repair. Letter to Nature, two facts are mentioned on hay fever, namely, that" those who are afflicted with hay fever are so affected from the tenderness of the mucous membrane lining of the nose," and that" in Scotland hay fever is practically unknown." These facts suggest a fc probable preventative, the use of snuff. This last was vascular throughout; but over the surface of the tumor growing from the fundus, it appeared particularly red, and a web of delicate vessels was detached from tliis part. The services of physicians are to-day much more in demand than formerly, because the sick fund is paying all expenses, and the progress in building hospitals and in their equipment is well known. The walls of the inguinal canal were brought together We were quite aware after the operation that we had to do with a most unusual case; the anomalous layer of muscular tissue, the great softness and aptness to tear of the sac, the escape of fluid from an otherwise empty sac, were points which deserved and attracted our attention, but we failed to come to a correct interpretation until At that time, after having been in an entirely satisfactory condition, the patient became restless, complained of sickness and of pain in the hypogastrium, and the urine he passed contained a large admixture of blood.

The older forms vessel or slide used to contain the colloidal solutions. If we wish to define which data bases are of importance for health economics composition we should first define what the data needs really are. Laennec seems to have known it only in the same way, judging from his description of it. Dalryraple, and some others, seem to maintain that the moderate contraction of this muscle rolls the pupil upwards and inwards. Milne Six-o-six preparations, report of fiftyeight cases of delayed arsenical poisoning following the administration of, Social campaign, the anti -tuberculosis Spasmophilia (infantile tetany), "uses" by Lionel Spinal analgesia, is there a place for? (case report), by George E. In this tablet respect they are in marked contrast to the symptoms and lesions of poliomyelitis. And - while these statements may well be criticised as containing only rather trite matters, still the facts mentioned are often ignored, as well as their explanation that almost any disease of sufficient severity may lead to albuminuria through influencing the renal blood pressure by its immediate action on the heart.

Davy says that"the treatment by quinine was tried ex tensively in Barbadoes, but, I regret to state, not with like success;" and many in our own country report failures with it. The incorrect orientation of a calf-house for prevailing winter winds, for example, may activate latent respiratory infection and could, shelcal-os therefore, be termed the main causal factor of respiratory disease.


The former can never occur, as a primary, uncomplicated lesion; the latter, the extrinsic variety, occurs frequently in nearly every type of severe spinal injury; it is usually venous, it may take place in the vertebral hollow,, alongside the cord, or into the subcutaneous intermuscular spaces, posterior to the apophysis. It is now known that pressure upon the processes may separate the inflamed bodies of the vertebrae and relieve rather than increase pain: mrp. Practically an hypertrophied heart side for a time obviates more or lees perfectly this ill, but sooner or later this compensation fails. From this time, the patient often asserts that the abdomen (Uh's not incrense; and she willingly it often happens, that, with a little unconscious adjusting of the measure, no increase fs discovered: but, in the mean time, there is no doubt m the mind of the medical attendant pressure is made on the cava and other returning vessels; as evinced by the serum, which now begins to accumulate in the cellular membrane of the lower extremities, and the distention and ture:escence of the subcutaneous veins of the abdomen: the important question of paracentesis presents itself; and to this operation, however im willingly, he finds himself at lengfth necessarily reduced.

The speaker also commended the provisions drawn up by the Geneva Convention for the government of dosage nations in this regard.