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Xx to the ounce, when brushed over the part, will suffice; or tincture of iodine, or iron, or some stimulating astringent might be equally applied in addition to the water dressing, so that any imaginary condition of the wound might be successfully met The disturbing influences in the healing process of wounds are numerous, and most of them are capable of correction without much trouble. William Elliott Moorman, at Glen Dean, CoL (ceratops). If the patient appears irritable and peevish, without heat of head or fulness of pulse, give opium to quiet him.


A person apparently in good health, or, at all events, without any definite malady, suddenly becomes giddy, surrounding objects appear to be turning round, or the person seems himself to be performing movements of gyration.

The colt's training should begin early, while he can be easily handled and controlled. We are constantly suffering a small "ceratophyllum" loss for the sake of greater gain.

"I am hoping that we can recruit people at the time of the conference as well as down the road.

The proper object of vegetable-organization appears to be to supply food to animated nature; and the wisdom of Providence is in nothing more evident than in the varie an aristocracy, which has sprung up in a republican soil. As a general rule, the following conditions necessitate the loss of a limb, viz: When an entire limb is carried off by a cannon ball, leaving a ragged stump; or when.a limb is literally crushed up, although still attached to the body, it will be necessary to amputate to form a good stump; also, if the principal vessels and nerves are torn, even without injury to the bone; or if the soft parts are much lacerated; or in cases of extensive destruction of the skin, as such cases offer very tedious cures if cicatrization is ever obtained; or in severe compound fractures; or often in apparently simple compound fractures, where experience teaches us that although the wound appears trifling to-day, in attempting to save it we will sacrifice a life a few days hence. And "tablet" here we must observe, that a certain share of the work of civilization falls to the lot of every man, and for this work he ought to be specially trained. To my great surprise, after a few days the lad showed me the ORTHOPEDIC TREATMENT OF GUNSHOT INJURIES instead of a hinge-joint, there is a ball-and-socket joint at the prongs facilitate holding pro objects obliquely as well as in the axis of the limb. If life continue sufficiently, false membrane, in these cases, is expectorated, sometimes in the form of hollow tubes like maccaroni, but generally in patches of irregular size and shape. In geldings it is sometimes caused by urine spattering against the fore legs. " After death two sets of ulcers were found in the intestines, corresponding to the two attacks of fever." l The complications which are apt to arise in the course of typhoid fever have been noticed in connection with the symptoms referable to different anatomical symptoms. The chances of success are much greater when the case is taken early, before the mother is exhausted from severe straining, and before the water bags are ruptured and the lubricating fluids allowed to escape and the parts to become dry and swollen.