He has used the drug in a number o cases in which optic atrophy was already pre.sen without doing any harm, and indeed in some case there was an apparent improvement in vision least temporarily improved and one case of optii neuritis in which the swelling of the disc was di minished, and the cloudiness of the retina clearec up with improvement of vision the day after an in jection.

In girls the outer side of the 80mg left thigh three or four inches above the knee is recommended. Seradair - daniel has been assisted by members medicine through improved health education curricula health education through the public media. Any treatment that is undertaken must be undertaken with an eye to its usefulness subsequent to discharge, otherwise the member might better not be saved. Arbuthnot Lane, of London, after analyzing his extensive investigation of the final results of fractures, came to the conclusion that in order to secure complete restoration of function it would be necessary to accomplish accurate apposition and alignment, and that this could best be obtained by operation. One of the most perplexing problems met with is that of obscure pain localized in the jaws. It is one of the representative organizations in this country, and the adjacent States will do well to be officially represented by delegates in that as and pursuit of a Fixed Policy as a Means of promoting our Professional Interests." fifty-seventh annual session of the Tennessee State Medical Society will he held at Memphis, The North Philadelphia Hospital has been incorporated.


It w;is human cases possessed curative or. Tliis couchision is, however, only partly justifiable because our investigation has been purely statical and cannot tako account of the foot in motion. The etiology of the disease is obscure. There are indications that the authorities are beginning to Government is hoping to bring the subject of vaccination prominently forward and to stimulate vaccination officers in the discharge of their duties, as well as to clear up any THE GERMAN MEDICAL PROFESSION IN WAR TIME. These are found in Java and throughout India, and in fact can be grown in any tropical or semitropical country. While these patients were apparently moribund for days at a time, and most of them did die,.still not a few recovered from what seemed to be a hopeless condition.

Thus the ether period should not last more than into trachea during operation and of wound drainage after operation, and the removal of tracheal secretions by suction, materially lessen Sepsis. The meninges of the convexity of both hemispheres are preeminently affected in specific processes, especially those of the frontal and temporal lobes. The punishment for which is not Bpedfled herein, shall be punished l.y a tine of not more than i thousand dollars, or by imprisonment in a house of oornvti r jail for a term not exceeding one year, or by both such line and Imprisonment dred ami seventy two of the acts of the year nineteen hundred and eleven, as amended by section two of the year nineteen hundred and twelve, and Chapter one hundred ami eighty-seven of the General Aets of the year nineteen hundred and fifteen are hereby PARALYSIS COMMISSION. In certain clinics, also, the customary data for the surgical diagnosis of malignant disease in its different situations were not always obtained, and evidence in support of the statements that the cases treated were actually cancer was not provided. The man ifi working as a gardener. Kosmak, in closing, said that the discussion seemed to have hinged on the value of vaccination. This was then dried and pulverized and blown about in the room. All persons susceptible to hay-fever are not susceptible to the same pollens. The symptoms also increase and decrease with corresponding changes in the urinary evidences of acid intoxication, and other forms of intoxication are apparently absent. I promises much in the future. Even in Italy, then the most civilized country in the world, we read that a famous surgeon before performing a critical operation insisted on being protected by a bond of indemnity' signed by aU the Hospital was formally presented on behalf of the Bubber of the governors of the hospital.

For six years did not dare to go into any public gathering; seemed to be in constant apprehension.