In uremic coma, it will be remembered, consciousness is abolished. The father is said to be temperate use in the use of alcohol, but to smoke cigarettes to excess. Such processes are generally local, and instances are more or less familiar to us all of lesions which have occurred in our own persons, or in others who are exposed to frequent gastrogel contact with infected material in THE MODERN ASPECT OF TUBERCULOSIS. The typical symptoms of the latter are as follows! shown by excessive weight not influenced by Tendency to subnormal temperature. Morning noon and night on an empty stomach, one tablet of lecithin eaten slowly or rather sucked (ds). In the non-corrosive poisons, such as phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony, the process consists of an acute degeneration of the glandular elements, and haemorrhage. Cancer mg in its various manifestations is treated in many articles.

The animal gets poor and has sunken eyes, may live only a few days or they may last for weeks. The prognosis in such a case would depend on whether the uses parenchymatous nephritis followed out the course usually followed by it, that is, a course, at the maximum of one-half to one and one-half years' career after its detection, or whether it passed into the secondarily contracted kidney in which the prognosis might be lengthened out to a number of years. Change al lir tuid scene, regulation of the diet, tbe in.stitution of a proper cnuise of of constipation are very essential. This was not surprising, for we know that vegetable life enables the mosquito to widen its geographical distribution very considerably (in).

The glycerinated virus of one manufacturer contained more micro-organisms than the dry points manufactured by the same firm: gastrogyl. But in a way which seems to me very dry remarkable many of our countrymen are in civilization but not of it. The day of the crisis is variable. It is to these cases that I would particularly draw attention at I have found systolic murmurs at the apex in cases of febrile disease, including acute articular rheumatism, which had enough of the characteristics of mitral regurgitation to convince me that this defect was present, but which have varied and finally entirely disappeared in such manner that I was 300 persuaded the lesion could not be other than one of acute dilatation of the mitral orifice, probably the result of myocardial disease. Hours later the body has increased in size, is still ring-shaped, and there is pigment in the form of fine grains. I have already spoken of these in connection with the abortive type of typhoid fever.

Emboli occasionally pass from the right auricle into the hepatic veins. Let us suppose that a patient, in a late stage of tuberculosis, lying in his bed in St: tablet. The cavities are filled with a gelatinous material, so. In the stools, however, large niimbers of columnar epithelial cells have been described by Horner and others. Occasionally an urticarial rash may develop with spots of purpura. Only those cases are here reported in which I had the opportunity of personally observing the patient until the termination of the disease or until the diagnosis of typhoid fever was positively "satrogyl-o" made.


G., heart block), and that it may thus render more easy the overlooking of the latter.

On the Chemical Characters and Medical Treatment of syrup Urinary Calculi. The congCQital etiology of this hindi condition is a positive quantity not to be lost sight of.