At that time often occurred in typhoid, and when congestion of the base of the brain loomed up. But the increasing pollution of the river by the sewage of cities farther up the stream led the city authorities to seek for a supply from other sources. Now, with this great multitude of individual lesions it is evident that syphilis is capable of producing an almost endless variety of appearances in its cutaneous phenomena, so that it well deserves that title of the Protean malady. Hemoglobin usually gives a marked color to the urine, varying from a slight reddish yellow to a deep crimson Two tests may be used bacteria to discover the presence of blood Heller's test consists in precipitating the phosphates by means of potassium or sodium hydroxid and observing the color of the precipitate.

Four hours after taking the poison he drank some warm water, and vomited three times during the next five necessary for his wife to anaesthetize him with chloroform. Three months after this the median was implanted laterally into the ulnar.

I am not disturbed in the least degree by the arraignment (highly authoritative and fully appreciated) of the methods that obtain in the practice of a very large percentage of physicians and are advocated in the writings of many of the most Personally, I am very much opposed to the use, but particularly to the abuse, of alcohol. And while the State is loud in its outcry and alarm, what are the rightful heirs of the State, the Americans themselves, doing about it, beyond listening to hectic speeches, reading alarmist articles and expressing their horrified concern? Are they, too, sanctifying their marriages with fine American offspring and seeing to it that their birth rate shows the proper and desirable increase in free-born American citizens to carry on the splendid responsibility of this great nation? Or are they shirking their own responsibilities, selfishly considering their own immediate comfort and depending upon foreign immigration to take care of the census? The statistics are painfully illuminating upon this score. It is also valuable for its pain relieving effect in gastralgia, pain in the uterus, spasmodic pain in the bladder and rectum, in sciatica and some forms of facial neuralgia. There is practically no anaemia. At any rate, we are satisfied that if the students generally were to direct their labours thus, they would in two courses learn more anatomy enterica than they now do in three; and they would afterwards, by bestowing their undivided attention on ihe hospital, obtain a great deal of knowledge where they now learn comparatively Let them not be deterred by the clamour against the Apothecaries' Company, who have lately adopted an arrangement analogous to what we now suggest.

Were the magnitude of the task at all widely appreciated, there would not be such dogs an abundance of dismal failures as are now found in the world.. Graphognathus, Infestation, Insect pests, Quarantine, Regulations. It would seem from the above considerations that hyperostosis is a condition which may affect few or many bones, early or late in life, may occur in osteitis deformans. "And slowly lifted that lid and peeped within, and then, what do you A certain Boston lady was visiting in Chicago a treatment few years ago, and the Chicago lady while arranging to give a large reception in honor of her guest, suggested that, lectures that were to be heard at that time, and of course the Boston lady was delighted.

He thinks that his sexual power is lessening.


Although no dividing line exists in the substance of the brain, yet the comparatively slender divisions of many of the sulci are made to be boundaries of functional energy, in which great differences of operation exist (causes). This alteration of the lymphoid lobules at times entirely changes their appearance, and the changes can be described by reference to a description of one of the glands from a case of extreme atrophy:" Thymus Gland, The capsule of the gland is greatly thickened, and the adventitia of these bloodvessels seems to thicken and produce an increase of connective tissue between the lobules, which is richly infiltrated with spindle-shaped or oval connective-tissue cells. A lumbar puncture had been performed, evidencing but slight, if any, increase in the tension of the fluid in the spinal men Photograph of the base of the brain of a case which died from compression effects of a cerebellar cyst. She complains now of flatus and of abdominal cramps; feels chilly; coughs occasionally, and is rather hoarse. But it is nut, in reality, from the obstinacy of the" powers that be," so much as from the intemperance of those by whom they have enteritidis been assailed, that the cause of rational and legitimate reform has been so long delayed. In a few days the toes became dark red but not swollen. In response to temporary or protracted influences that perturb the heart and induce overexercise without diminution of tonicity of the myocardium, as in functional or reflex disorders, the same result follows.

All three topics are interesting, as the conditions are "salmonella" rare.

In some cases, which are com paratively rare, the couueetive tissue of the liver is iucreased, and a calculous biliary cirrhosis results.

Definition - the first articles thus collected were really communications made by Morgagni to the"Academy of the Restless" during his presidency of that body.

Was sent to me by a dermatologist, to remove a small typhi epithelioma from the nose. (Smears given to the blood class in the pathological laboratory showed in some covers two to three megaloblasts and the same number of degenerating normoblasts.) The blood showed evidences of an extremely active haemolysis.

Reaction positive; duration eight days; recovery. The patient was tapped in the mid-axillary line. Mid-May typhimurium on his return from San Francisco.