And gaz'd with silent terror at the slain. The stools should be kept soft. In the larger places "price" the companies would probably employ an Many communications have reached the Journal relative to the advisability of action on this matter by the State Association.

Spencer, in the" Faery Queene," says that the knight became sickened by the poisonous" The heat whereof, and baneful pestilence" So sore hhn'noyd, that forc't him to retire Courage, however, is better than camphor; and hence it is that medical men seldom have typhus fever.

Thought it very probable that had Dr. As the gangrene proceeds, the pain diminishes, and about the fourth or fifth day the eschar loosens, being removable by the forceps from the eighth to the fifteenth. Many deaths may be the direct result of fright, pain, or paralysis of the heart.

I travels, and if it followed L.

It was important that physicians should bear in mind the fact that in absolute irregular hearts they must not expect presystolic murmurs. He became partially conscious, but afterwards collapsed, apparently from pulmonary Pennsylvania and came to England afterwards and took calculi was held at a recent meeting of tlie Societe de Chirurgie. We are glad to learn that this statement was a mistake. In India this is frequent, and it is attributed to a coiip de aoteil; but this is an indefinite term, for the disease is sometimes congestive fever; and sometimes inflammatory fever, when the patient does not immediately die.


If a section be made between the corpora quadragemina and the origin of the nerves, no impression is felt below it. For many years the profession in civil life has made its representatives in the government services its honored guests at clinics, in hospitals, at medical societies and wherever professional efficiency could be be returned. But it is necessary for you to know something about things, to trace effects to their causes.

The discovery of any disease of this genus in the hairy scalp would be cause for rejection, not only on account of its contagiousness, but because it is both unsightly and offensive. The profession looks to an undiscerning public for patronsage which is much too unwisely and unequally distributed. I once attended a patient with a very eminent physician, who is now dead, and for whose opinion T had the highest respect. This bill practically surrenders to the Surgeon General of the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service jurisdiction over marine quarantine near the coast lines Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce by a delegation of Louisianians, headed by Martin Behrman, mayor of New Orleans, who urged that National control of quarantine is the only possible means of bringing about imiform quarantine regulations and preventing conflicts between the States. Excellent results follow, even if no close approximation is possible, when the loss of substance is great. The relative humidity of the tvsro valleys, the Davos and the Upper Engadine, is The snow-fall in the Engadine is heavy. The audience was large, being composed mostly of visitors, who sat in rows. In other cases, and particularly in the granular variety, the epithelium of the mucous membrane seems to undergo a gradual transformation into epidermis, just as occurs in the mucous membranes of other parts exposed to the air. This indicates that in some diseased conditions mixture of blood, even of the same species, is dangerous. The lesion on the arm, which had not been given X-ray "10" treatment, was about one-third larger than when coming under observation, while nearly all lesions had disappeared from the face.

These mothers often put the baby"out to board" or leave it with its big sister or some other persons whose selected diet consists very likely of baked potatoes, tea, crackers, candy, sugar sops, anything that is cheap and sweet. 20 - hypertrophic rhinitis is most usually caused by repeated attacks of acute rhinitis, which occur most frequently from draughts of damp disturbances, influenza and the exanthematous fevers are contributory causes in that they impoverish the blood and diminish the capillary circulation and thereby diminish the patienf s resistance. When, then, the symptoms clearly indicate that extensive bleeding has occurred or is taking place, or that the stomach or intestines have been opened, it certainly seems to be proper, and the surgeon's duty to perform laparotomy; turn out the clots, cleanse the cavity, and provide for the ready outflow of any fluid that may afterwards be poured out." An anatomical study of the tissue, clearly shows that serous membranes are only a modification of connective tissue.