Cod-liver oil is best given on a organ is empty, it irritates the pueumogastric nerve, which little or no solvent power on pure oily matters, and consequently the effect is nil. The solution used is i gram made with moderate pressure at first, and then with more force.


The diagnosis was inflammation involving the placental site, and the fear was expressed that serious adhesions would result. Milk, sweet wines, malt liquors and cider must also be avoided.

There is no essential distinction between rheumatoid arthritis in adults and Still's disease in children, though in the latter the malady tends to be more rapid in its progress and more deforming in its results. The appearance of the tongue corresponds to the character of the pulse; and it is not unusual at the end of twenty-four hours to find it dry and parched, covered with a brown fur, which is soon converted into a black crust, resembling what we observe in the last stage of a continued When the injury is in the lower part of the neck, but not of such a nature as to occasion death within the first three or four days, or cord, and the patient does not die at an early period, or ultimately recovers, the pulse usually remains for a considerable time more frequent than natural, varying from ninety to one hundred and twenty beats in a minute, but feeble and contracted, the tongue at the same time becoming more clean and moist than it was in the first instance. He then observed how frequently that disease ensued on mental distress.

Curettement of the tube destroj'S the mucous glands of the part, and he considers it essential to retain their presence if the best results so far as hearing is concerned are to be secured. All the rest of the book is taken up with descriptions and considerations of different plans of treatment of these conditions and their complications. Their chief tint was brownish, but at the centre of each pupil there was a little white spot, almost exactly square.

The few pages devoted to mechanical remedies, pneumatic aspiration, heat, cold, and electricity are far too meagre to be of any practical It is a pity the work is not accurate, careful and thorough enough to fill On the Construction of the Dark or Double-bordered Nerve Fibre. Its action, therefore, is effective over a period of several minutes and simulates very closely increased activity of the vagus nerve and parasympathetic system.

Such a practice is morally unjustifiable, because to place any act for the purpose of emptying the uterus before the fetus is viable, is to be guilty of direct abortion, and direct abortion is intrinsically immoral, and hence Use of Morphine in Threatened Abortion the cautious administration of morphine lawful, even though its use involves a real danger to the fetus? This answer is based upon the fact that in certain cases of threatened abortion, the cautious administration of morphine is the only practical means of quieting the woman and checking uterine irritability, and thereby averting the threatened abortion. The stem is much branched, and has a greyish bark. They are the result of careful study and observation in an extensive private practice, extending over a period of thirty years; and a single trial will convince the most skeptical that they will do all that is claimed for them.

So, when homicide is the form taken by the insane impulse, the law steps in, sees no insanity, because there is no evident delusion, and hangs the patient off hand, likewise cutting off all chance of further evidence of disease. Thus, in the fashionable practice, where, mineral poisons are mostly used for this purpose, it may be expected that danger would necessarily attend their use. The results after one year are shown in the It is interesting to note that the final results are approximately the same in cases of ulcer without obstruction and obstruction with or without ulceration, though the cases in the former class are too few As yet few cases come to operation before the advent of serious complications, so that the curative influence upon simple ulcer resulting from the alteration of mechanical and chemical conditions in the stomach produced by gastro-enterostomy must be inferred chiefly from its efficacy in a large percentage of cases where the ulcer is in the the more resistant stages of chronicity or complicating dangers. After the internal temperature has reached this point the heat should be turned off, and in half an hour sterilization will be complete.

In two other cases of stab wound of the pra'cordium, although the general symptoms of shock were pronounced, it was found that tlie knife had not entered The heart may be reached bv a knife, or;i bullet, which has passed through the skin of the a.xilla, back, or abelomen.

The constitution of the motions is the same as that of the physiological state: as soon as the green matter has appeared it is almost always contained in the mucus; we see in it beads of adherent mucus, tenacious, and almost transparent. Opium is conceded to be the most potent tablet of drugs. The foetid are those in which the fluid, while offensive, does not give off gas, and therefore causes none of the signs of pneumothorax, and on cultivation do not produce fermentation or gas; and, in contradistinction to the gangrenous, contain no trace of necrotic tissue. Serous surfaces unite readily when brought in apposition, but no union can posssibly be effected between rexcof two mucous surfaces or between The peritoneal cavity was mopped out and a steady stream of hot carbolized water was kept up till it came out clear. Acting upon a perfectly healthy subject, the nutritive trouble may cough be transitory; but still, it gives rise to an opportunity for disease to invade or be engendered in the organism. Upon questioning her, she corroborated all this, and talked very freely to me of her feelings, reproaching syrup herself bitterly for having allowed herself by carelessness and neglect of proper self-examination, to fall in any of her functions being present, except well marked insomnia.

The left lung is heavy, adheres throughout its whole extent to the costal pleura, is large, but less so than the right one, and is supple only behind and inferiorly. The result was very marked, and in (our days all irritation had completely disappeared. It is found from Canada to Virginia, growing on mountains lulls, among rocks, and in barren soils; but is seldom met with excellent bitter tonic, and although somewhat astringent, is also laxative, and in large doses even cathartic, producing copious discharges without pain, In no case is it found to produce watery discharges, or to irritate and debilitate the bowels; but on the contrary, is almost a specific in of our best remedies in liver complaints, attended with dvspepsia and habitual costiveness.

Secondly, injection of carbonic acid from below upwards through the larynx (the animal breathing through a tracheal canuia) caused immediate arrest of respiration. The treatment of these cases quite confirm this. Chorea a Having in my first lecture briefly laid before you the prominent facts of the clinical history of the principal convulsive diseases with which we are familiar in this country. But when the injured vessel lies deep, and when tiie external wound and that of the artery are not in a convenient relation to each other, the application of the ligature, above and below, or even immediately above the injury, is difficult or impossible. De Larroque must be aware that many typhoid fevers have been treated by bleeding with a boldness which incontestable success justified; so that if the utility of blood-letting, seldom or often repeated, and to a greater or less extent, is not yet, for some minds, suiRcieutly demonstrated, its general and absolute proscription is not in accordance with the M. On the other hand, the oBSophagus remained contractile for a considerable time; and, manufacturer and the druggist.