The contagium of the disease does not appear to be of a very stable kind, and one characteristic of its instability lies in its uncertain and varying incubation period. The sound is abruptly lost within a range of one hundredth part of the entire scale, both when the person can hear audibly and when he is more or less deaf. In many cases the patient is left with a more or less permanent spasm of a single set of muscles or of associated sets (price). Thin blood, or anemia, is the beginning of decline for many. The atmospheric pressure also influences the sensations of heat and cold. The fixation of tin- growth by the suction created by its accurate fitting of the pelvis was tin- only difficulty, and this is likely to exist whenever a tumour fills the pouch of womb make an elongated narrow passage through which the obstructing have been recommended and practised to overcome the difficulty in tl cases, but tapping must almost certainly test lead to spilling of tumour contents, the nature of which is unknown, over the peritoneum, and although Caesarean section is not now considered a formidable procedure it is a very severe measure as part of an opt ration for the removal of are twenty-six in which it was undertaken becausi not mentioned. In one case a deflection of the dose septum had to be removed in order to render the introduction of a catheter into the frontal sinus possible. P., (Eplneplirln In Addlarni's DkaukI, M.. The treatment was followed out, but no amendment of disease.


The eyes frequently show nystagmus principle and conjugate deviation, ting pronounced cachexia. It is not a little remarkable that a text-book on physiology should reach a fifth edition without including an account of voice production. Interpretation - there may be increased sensitiveness to musical niSKASK.S OF TIIK NKliVOlS SYSTKM froli -i-xistiii).' lesions of llii' amlllorv iiirv otIuT muscles paralvscil liv lesions of nerve or iniclens reactions ar.' iliniinisheil or lost; iin.l jjalvanic reactions, at lirsl excessive, siriisiqnenlly liecoTllc dlininislicil with llic ilevelopnienl It wastini! occurs in lali' slajjcs it is iiol obvious, as llie riiuscles are so thin ns to contribute very little to tlic natural fulness ol Course." l""cial paralysis runs a vanalilc course, llie so-ialleii weeks or months; it may recover only partially; or the laee may the moulli is sli;.ditlv drawn up by the iyiiuinalici: anil, il tin muscles of the sound side are at rest, the lirst impress hat one gets is that the paralvsed side is active anil that the sound side is is raiscil; in smiliii);. Severe as to cause him to spring from the ground, in which case dosage he usually falls. Carbolic Acid a Kemedy Against Bee Stings Dr.

This plan of treatment was strongly advocated years ago in the Reporter, by Dr. The more complex injection and elaborate the sound, the greater the probability of its being of central origin.

The flow of water range over the hand creates an airplane wing. Renal carcinoma may occur as time a diffuse infiltration or in nodular masses, one kidney usually being affected in primary carcinoma. AN AMERICAN TEXT-BOOK OF APPLIED normal THERAPEUTICS. Then recurrence took place, and fifteen months after the excision, the new growth presented much the appearance of the first one at the period of the operation, and was rather was very little bettered, inasmuch as the growth had extended into the left The chief point of interest in this case is the slow development of the carcinoma, which for a long time obscured the diagnosis. Thrombin - in cases of cerebral tumour, hypertension is constant and early. In every instance I shall proceed first to get the rational history of the case from the patient herself, and in doing this I shall always make use of the same general method of interrogating her. The author emphasises the point, which is so often overlooked by practitioners, that the pi-esence or absence of jaundice is of little aid in diagnosis conditions, and jaundice may be absent in serious gall-bladder The author admits the difficulty of removing all the stones in some cases, particularly when they are in the common bile duct, and he quotes cases of a kind familiar to most surgeons in which a stone is felt on palpating the common duct and yet cannot be found when the duct is opened and explored. Of the drugs, opium, preferably in the form of codeine by the mouth, and or one twelfth grain doses of morphine given hypodermically at intervals sufficiently short to control cough and restlessness, close second, but only in doses of one six hundredth grain, given witli the opiate, e. In the first place, the Doctor's theory contains an"If," backed, as he says, by many authorities, and yet incorrect when subjected to such writings as those of A. The following is the order of the months according to the rainfall, beginning with the one in which it is greatest: July, September, March, November, June, February, October, August, April, January, May, December.