It would be greatly improved by careful condensation and correction of some sufficiently obvious The histology of the subject is, we are glad to see, brought into due prominence, and the results obtained by Neumann, Auspitz, Biesiadecki, and other ViennQse dermatologists, are fairly reproduced. This rasli was followed by itching of the part. As to statistics, it is undoubted that there are occasional deaths from tetanus following the ligature of piles.

Most of us have experienced the little bits of skin torn down at the sides of the finger-nail, and how painful they are when uses dragged upon.

And company, as well as by missionaries and planters. During the next two weeks the patient took fifteen-rain doses of" salfonal daily, which was always followed after seven or eight hours by sound sleep. We recollect the monody of an antiquated superintendent, over the the books of the asylum." Yet it is only fair to state that some report; and we can only account for the extraordinary contrast and discrepancy between the results of treatment on the two sides of the Atlantic, on the supposition that the diagnosis as to what constitutes dypsomania and the estimate of what constitutes recoveries, or the success of treatment, are totally different in the two countries, or that, like Esquirol's three cases passed beyond the sphere of observation." This favorable construction is not, however, attached to these statistics by certain grave doubts upon the permanency and reality of many of the so-called cures; they said, that" those connected with inebriate reformatories dealt in general assertions and flourishes, which diminished greatly when closely examined." The American publications upon our table are interesting, in that of the medical officers connected with asylums, which is to deal with all matters connected with the care and cure of intemperance. Quain strongly condemned the application of Ice to the chest in cases of hcemoptysis, saying that it did no good, but rather harm, by inducing contracts the vessels and may do good, but its continuous application During the past year, as during its predecessor, not very much of note has been added to the treatment of piles. It produces the same baileful effects upon the lungs and kidneySy and is a marked respiratory and cardiac depressant. It presents, however, certain added difficulties, in consequence of the tablet size of the organs and of the abnormal adhesions which often occur. The removal of a pari of the tonsils is rendered much easier if a solution ot cocaine has been painted over their surface. Antipyrin, Belladonna, Opium and Iodoform Suppositories, and Stretching the sphincter for chronic spasm or neuralgia of rectum affecting other viscera, NEURALGIA.

For instance, Hofmeier declared that thirty-three per cent, of his patients were in perfect health four years after operation; Schauta, of Prague, claimed forty-seven per cent, of complete recoveries two years after operation; Olshausen, of Halle, forty-seven and one-half per cent, without recurrence in two years; while Leopold had the remarkable record of seventy-two patients, out of a total of seventy-six, still alive and in absolute health from one to five and one-half years after operation. He has plus found, this procedure useful and harmless. I further stated that in my judgment the injuries sustained were permanent. An operation for cure is here out of the question; but much suffering may be spared and the patient's short term of life rendered easier, if an incision is made from the outside into the cavity of the fistula and the accumulated freces are let out. In other words, whatever improvement takes place will be in the first two years, and after a period of two years has elapsed there is no further possibility of improvement. After a labour of two hours she was delivered of a girl (head presentation). It costs much more to prevent disease than to cure it, but the dear public will not haggle at the price for a moment after the medical man makes good his profession. Psoroptes tab have only been found about the eye, where the disturbance they produce is comparatively trifling. These divisions of the mind, however, are so interdependent on each other and upon a healthy cerebration throughout that we may rarely have disorder enough in one to carry the individual beyond the range of accountability without some effect on the others. Renerve - the liquid extracted can be examined bacteriologically, and can be grown on nutritive media, or inoculated into The prognosis is grave, because in the ox pleurisy is very often of a secondary character.


Although these symptoms render a correct diagnosis easy, the diagnosis as to the stage the disease has reached, that is, as to whether pus has formed or not, whether the appendix has perforated or not, or even whether general peritonitis may exist, is often very difificult. Might have become a little ulcerated, exciting that conditiou of pain and inconvenience which would lead a man to think he I once saw a lady, who had a similar con dition, claiming to have had piles for fifteen years.

I woidd not close my review of the subject, however, without some reference to the crown of the whole, namely, to the thera f)eutical outcome of the inquiry. It is rarely found that the vision reaches the normal standard when the myopia is be classed in the first or healthy group.