From extreme depression, and for a time I was very anxious about her condition (razel). These figures do not include the deaths from epilepsy, Symptoms.

Thus, in these latter instances, there will probably be high fever; pain referred to the region of the heart, often darting through to the left scapula, upwards to the left clavicle and shoulder, and down the arm; violent palpitation, the motions of the heart being tumultuous, and perceptible at a distance from the patient; irregularity of the pulse, usually with great frequency; hurried respiration; incapability of lying on the left side; strong pulsation of the carotids; anxiety of countenance; difficulty in swallowing; with frequently, noises in the ears, giddiness, and epistaxis.

Charts are 20 appended were peculiarly regular. Practical utility can best be served by designating the mordants and color solutions with letters and figures respectively and combining them in a tabular form under the colors. But, as this is a new operation, we must find a name name with the prefix" laparo', which is now used to designate operations through the walls of the.ibdomen, as there is no other route by which we could reach the gallbladder. Our class officers were elected early and their duties efficiently carried out. This popular sympathy with a hysteric is a great danger to the carried out by the police. Microscopic specimens forte were shown illustrative of the composition of the broad dark bands (anisotropic material ). It is a clear brownish liquid These are stated to contain each This is stated to be composed of the strychnine sulfate dissolved in a fluidounce of glycerole uses of pepsin and pancreatin, the whole being flavored; no This is stated to be a mixture of bismuth subnitrate, pepsin, extract of ginger, salol, milk sugar and cinnamon tincture of digitalis. Like all problems in medicine, it is a renewal of the old question of when to intervene Considering now the borderland cases which, by LYNCH AND DRAPER: RECONSTRUCTION OP COLON. Of these eight years, the first five were spent at Padua; and these, in relation to Harvey's development as a discoverer, must be regarded, with reference to their future influence, as among the most important of his life. The department is now totally updated with respect to equipment, as the last old fluoroscopic unit was replaced this year with new CGR facilities.

There being no surface ulceration, no discomfort is experienced. In a few days, spontaneous defecation occurred, abdominal pain was markedly relieved, and the general condition was considerably improved. We ought also- to bear in mind that, when any mild cultivation of anthrax produces death, however slowly, it will, by reinoculation in an animal, increase its virulency; and, if continued through a succession of animals, its original virulency will be restored (effects). A VERY sad case of death from hydrophobia has occurred at Crewe. A daily application is to be made with this tablet mixture until a cure is effected. Alleman, Boone, THE IOWA STATE MEDICAL REPORTER. The above is a thin emulsion which separates but retains medicine the bromoform in suspension. It is essential, as for all other chemical and cytological tests of cerebrosjjinal fluid, that it be obtained carefully and free from the minutest quantity of blood. The discussion on rickets, which has occupied two nights at the Pathological Society, has been again adjourned: f10. A number system of provident dispensaries, by means of which the poor razel-f ineligible for parish relief may, whilst choosing as far as possible their own attendant, receive advice and medicines for a small regular payment.


Moisten with 10 hydrogen peroxid solution. Could obtain the best information regarding the working of the powers, compelling the compulsory notification of infectious diseases? Also, in subject in these columns than anywhere else: f5. The report of the committee on the president's address fully expressed the sentiment of the Forty per cent of the papers prepared for the several sections were omitted, and yet, the time was fully taken up. With adults it may possibly be best to open the larynx by dividing the crico- thyroid membrane; but in children the larynx is too small to admit the tube, and therefore tracheotomy will have to be performed through the upper rings of the trachea.