The same is true but to a much less degree in the case of pediculosis. In one such case of pericardial effusion noted, as the fluid was withdrawn and the liver came up, the pallor of the lips was removed and redness returned during the aspiration. With admirable precision he sketched in a few words the characters and the course of a disease previously unknown.

All the cases seen here have probably been imported cases from India or Assam. His father, mother, six brothers and one sister were living and well.

Chronic Suppurative Otitis media in Tonsil of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology, June, numerous otitic suppurations, which are incurable so long as the offending tonsil is permitted to remain unmolested. Thiti should be done, on the left side, just at the anterior end of the eleventh intercostal space: on the right side, half-way between the last rib and the crest ot the ilium, and two inches iH'hind the anterior superior spine of the ilium.

I believe in the occasional use of the mild chlorid of mercury so as to stimulate the secretions of the liver and kidneys, I know of no diuretic that is equal to it either in acute or chronic kidney troubles. Produced by the action of iodine upon m.-oxytoluic acid in the presence of an alkali. They are accompanied by continuous or paroxysmal pains, which somewhat resemble the pains of chronic appendicitis. The discharge of any matter whatever by tablet the natural passages or by an artificial opening. Here, also, an attack of ronm often ends the scene; but it is gencrully u Buceessiun of Uts rather thuu a single one tbut is futul, whether in itcutc or chronic it is due to the retention in the blood and tissues of some of the exerenieiititiuus mutters that ought either themselves, or in some changed form, to he excreted by the kidneys. Grams) m the twentj-four hours. I see no objection to its use, and have made use of it many times, and have found it an excellent instrument for the Dr. To register with the State Department of Narcotic a dosage card before it is possible for him to have any drug prescribed for him. In llie extreme vnriety iif this form tliiH wave is tniiriiled off, or entirely absent, and the traeing resemble!! that w.iw as iiiKh as the pcreiission wave, with a deep notch l)etwecn them (fiiihus binfcriens): this is aseribod by some to instrumental defwts.

In the acute cases the first pathological entity that arrests attention and needs to be differentiated in the borderline cases of the lower abdomen, is that of the disease of the appendix vermiformis. Bossi, a much younger man, was precocious as a gynecologist and a few years of the obstetrical department at Genoa and Novara. Whether this was due to the removal of foreign and infectious material from the surface of the projectile in its passage through the chest wall, or to the greater resistance of the lung to certain forms of pyogenic infection was not yet known. Than water; without action on the vegetable blues: elastic, when moist; hard tab and brittle when dry.

The senim seemed to do some good even in the two cases in which the meningococci had not been found. Acetate of strychnia or of strychnine. The large bulk of sixty per cent, was composed of those who did fairly well under simple requirements, but their usefulness to themselves and others when out in the world would largely depend on the way they were guided and helped.

He also stated that he"was struck by the fact that the apices" of monkeys' lungs,"instead of being more liable to the disease than other parts of the lung, are as a rule less affected." I think it will be admitted that the postural habits of monkeys and young children are not very far apart.


Balsam, extracted by incision, from this tree in Guyana.

Uncombined state and sometimes associated with rare colonies of b.

The future of thoracic surgery rested on the acceptance of the principle known as the maintenance of differential pressure.