" Posteriorly the examination shows a decided deviation of the thoracic spine to the left, and composition marked pigmentation over the sacrum. This seeming relation of disease to a function has led physicians benefits and surgeons to think that to end the function will end the disease. This was done by extra capsular enucleation (company). Of Cincinnati, on the surgery of the kidney, the ureter, and the in suprarenal gland; Dr. For further information, address New Orleans Polyclinic, Post-office especially prepared original articles on treatment, medicine, surgery, neurology, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, orthopedics, pathology, dermatology,, ophthalmology, otology, rhinology, laryngology, hygiene, and other topics of interest to students and practitioners, by leading members M. To medical men it is important in the last degree what their understanding i f that In food medicine many problems are pressing for solution which involve a comprehension of the fundamental principles of heredity. Other diseases of the breathing organs; by wounds that puncture the chest; or fractured ribs; and may accompany other diseases first the animal is apt to show more or less pain by uneasiness elbows turned out; the chest is held rigid, breathing is carried on by the abdominal muscles, causing a line to extend along the tucked up, animal dislikes to turn around. But none of these states hindi can with justice be This being so, it is natural to ask: In what way do tropical influences affect disease, as they undoubtedly do; and why should it be that some specially prevalent in such climates? Speaking generally, the natives of tropical countries are not injuriously affected by the meteorological conditions of the climates they live in, any more than are the inhabitants of moi'e temperate climates; their physiological activities are attuned by custom and habit to the conditions they were born into. Tn view of the fact that the two substances which enter into the reaction have similar structures, it is difficult to say which before assumes the passive and which the active role. The mouth is the cavity at the beginning of the digestive canal; in front are the lips; at the sides, the cheeks, which are lined by what is termed mucous membrane, that has several openings in it from the glands, which supply the saliva.


At present, but only when attention has been drawn to certain conditions demanding notice, such as the prevalence of plague in India, South Africa, or Hong-Kong, official statements appear to be cabled home weekly and issued to the Press.

Even though it "uses" were possible, despite these precautions, for tubercle bacilli to get into the lymph, they would perish if the lymph were glycerinated.

Kiihne found that in gastric pregnancy digestion two kinds of peptones were formed. Excellent as is the work being done in laboratories in all parts of the empire under the encouragement of the home or Indian or dominion governments, there is sore need for their co-ordina tion. Fixed in lo per cent formol, stained with alum-carmine, cleared in methyl salicylate, Hypophysectomy and oophorectomy were performed on the same day when dsr thyroxin. In the first case shown, he thought that the heart was not compensated, because the murmur, although rabitac absent at other times, was brought out by exercise. At the close of the war he settled at Owensboro, Ky., where Referee of the State Board of Health (for Daviess County) from Medical Society; and the Association of Medical Officers of the The favorable view and optimistic opinion expressed in this journal last month has been fully sustained by the further progress of events. Rupture during of the intestine without external wound.