For the fenforial power of aflbciation is combined with the fenforial power of irritation, or, in common language, the acquired habit aflifts the power of the ftimulus. After cutting apart, both larvae may be kept isolated tails (qugyl-o). These symptoms are always present; but they will vary greatly in intensity, and in the rapidity with which they progress, from which circumstances bronchitis is usually said to be acute or chronic, as the case may be." The discharge in bronchitis is mainly of a purulent, mucous character, with clots of blood and plugs of matter from the nose.

I may assume that such a task would not have been allotted to me had not those who imposed it known how deeply the feeling of admiration for Huxley is rooted within me, had they not seen how fully I recognized the achievements of the dead master from his first epochmaking publications, and how greatly I prized the personal friendship which he extended towards me.

We must not be too sure that it is malaria either, in tbe sense that it is due to the plasmodia of Laveran. A person the subject of the worms passes ova in large numbers in the faeces, and suspension the possibility of reinfection must be scrupulously The treatment is simple, though occasionally there are instances in which all forms of medication are resisted. Qugyl - this micro-organism may enter the peritoneal cavity along the lumen of the Fallopian tubes, although the more common route of invasion seems to be by way of the lymphatics, thrombosed vessels and abscess formation in the uterine walls.

The female coiled in for an ovoid capsule, which is at first translucent, but subsequently opaque and infiltrated with lime salts. In addition to deafness and distress, vertigo, vomiting and forced movements, which interfere with the proper control of the aeroplane, are sometimes induced by the unequal pressure in the ears resulting from unilateral obstruction of the Eustachian tubes. Pernicious fever is always associated with the sestivo-autumnal used parasite. Note the distension of the veins of the neck. Here begins the line of the vertebrae forming the spine. These are indications, singly and collectively, that there are existing toxemina, that there is defective elimination, and that there must be something done to correct a faulty relationship between nutrition and excretion.

I have seen one veiy wellmarked case, in which it could be demonstrated, by means of auscultsr tion and percussion, that the expanded lung entered the mediastinocostal sinus during inspiration, and separated the roughened surfiuseB of the pericardium and costal pleura. In speaking of this subject, Youatt says:" Horsemen, in general, think too lightly of dentition to any considerable degree, or absolute illness being produced; yet he who has to do with young horses will occasionally discover a considerable degree of febrile affection, which he can refer to this cause alone. With children of more than one year the strength of the solution is doubled, and three to six divisions of the syringe injected, according to age. Such an error would usually be prevented by a careful study of Another condition to which I may refer is that of brain injury. Their most productive cause was rectal constipation, producing a collection of faecal material where it ought not to be. In all these cases, as it seems to me, the primary disease gives rise to a predisposition to pericarditis; but the latter is not a sequel, only a complication of the primitive complaint, and is not to be regarded as secondaiy in the narrow sense It is oliherwise in the pericarditis which attends septicaemia and kindred conditions, puerperal fever, severe scarlatina, small-pox, eta Here the disease belongs to the consequences, and is not a complication; the infection manifests itself by a series of inflammatory disturbances, attacking the skin, the joints, and the pericardium. And it was even more surprising to find that normal bicipital muscle, for example, may generally be diagnosed from abdominal muscle by the relative shortness and thickness of its nuclei, and that the internal muscular coat of the small intestine often shows a diminishing basophilia of its contractile material until the basophilia becomes replaced by oxyphilia in the lower part of the ileum or upper part of colon.


Many trials have been made of the curative value of antipneumococcic serum in the treatment of pneumonia, the op serum made by Pane having been most extensively employed. Bleed three times, at intervals of ten days. Secretary lUinois State Board of Health. In some cases the nutrition is not impaired, a feature which may give a clew to the true nature of the disease, as there may be no other hysterical A type of vomiting is that associated with certain diseases of the nervous system particularly locomotor ataxia forming part of the gastric crises. Plato defined man as a"biped without feathers." Bring in a In studying insanity we must study the individual, his environments, privileges and advantages. It is probable that there is in some cases other deeper lymphatic involvement. On ointment the other hand, there is proliferation of the fixed connective-tissue cells. Savage states it is certainly one of the important elements in the strain which leads to this breakdown. Hypoplasia of the incisors is extremely rare, and I have only seen it in two cases.